Monday, March 27, 2006

baby jones

i finally scrapped the photos from my 12 week scan. Just in time to get new ones (the last ones until this babe is born) in a week and halfs time...i cant wait to see my baby again.
but little kicks everyday remind me of whats to come...a baby brother or sister fo rlilly who is already so excited.

Friday, March 24, 2006


well i was giong to post some los from the last few weeks yesterday and really update this thing but i was having a heap of trouble getting the pics to it seems right again so i will try again!!

my new house

to add to my busy tired life we have been building a house since the beginning of the year. It was so slow to start with but just lately in about the last 6 weeks things have really been moving. It will be at lock up next wednesday which is very exciting.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

12 week scan

the scariest scan i have ever had to have would be this one. I missed out on it with my daughter but this time we went. The scan itself was lovely, but then they make u wait to find out if anything is wrong. I have never crossed my fingers so much in my life. In the next few weeks i will have an 18 week scan and we are hoping to find out the sex.
a lo i did about turning 30 in feb. it sort of just drifted by without any thoughts of it at all.

pages from the last few months

ok i have been doing something over the last few months its just been few and far between.


on the weekend i was lucky enough to go to a great retreat with fantastic friends. And i was also able to meet fellow scrappers i had admired since i started scrapping 5 years ago. Thanks for the great weekend girls. I have pages to share as soon as i scan them.

been very busy

well i havent been posting here in the longest time
i found out just before christmas that we are expecting another august miracle and that has kept me very tired. My scrapbooking until lately has taken a nose dive. But now that im in the 2nd trimester and feeling more like me im hoping to get back to adding my pages to this blog. jacqui