Wednesday, May 28, 2008


well i havent been doing much in the way of it this week
ive actually been making some quilted bags for our hot water bottles and one each for the girls to store their toys in that they like to have in the lounge room.
but i did take a little break today from my sewing so that i could scrap my next entry into the scraploot dt seach comp
not sure if i can share here but heres the link to my layout on the site... :)
all pink paislee stuff that is oh so nice to play with...YUMMMO
the challenge this week was more than 6 buttons, no cardstock, felt and colouring in. i had to think about this one.
nothing really going on here but we do go home for a visit next week..woohoo

Monday, May 19, 2008


its so cold today
they r saying 7 degrees...but its so not!
my feet r cold, my nose is cold
i have on socks and shoes (something i never wear inside)
i have on a wool jacket, jeans 2 layers under the coat...and its still cold
ima bout to go out to get lilly from preschool and i think my gloves and scarf will also be coming for the walk!
its insane

Saturday, May 17, 2008

heres my scrap jack entry

heres my entry

photos of lilly throwing autumn leaves this is a bit of fun for us, being so used to trees that dont lose leaves one that do r a big deal right at the moment

i was also playing with my camera ont he manual settings here...not the best time of the day for pics at all, but im learning lots now ive turned to the manual settings!

Becky Fleck

there is a great Becky Fleck sketch up at scraploot

heres my version, changed the sketch to suit 11 x 8 1/2

and even thou this layout had a reason behind the making of it, it was fun to do something for fun...ive been bogged down the last few layouts i have done trying to work on things for my et entry this soon as u add major comp to my thinking my mojo and brain walk right out the door!

sorry about the pic of the layout. had to use the flash its dark and rainy here today

im going to work on the scrapjack today, something else just for fun! be back to share later

Saturday, May 10, 2008

early mothers day gift

i got to go to a class today taught by the wonderful and lovely fiona leehane on photography and photoshop.

i had a great time...a big thanks to fiona i really got alot from the class and am looking forward to getting out with my camera in the coming weeks

and im already putting some of the photoshop info into practice

we talked alot about take pics and the settings and the manual settings which is an area i havent ventured into to much even thou i should of by now.

and then we played in photoshop

and here is the outcome of that

ok heres the shot of lilly i took before i left home the day before...i love the photo and once upon a time would of happily printed that out and scrapped....but i have been playing in photoshop for some time with NO knowledge at all about what im doing or should be doing....hence going today

and heres the outcome....I LOVE IT looks fantastic printed and so different

it now sort of has that slight professional feel to it....i cant wait to scrap it...and i have it here to scrap buti am thinking on tuesday when im back in ballarat that it would probably look fantastic printed on matte paper at the imgoing to take it in and have it printed properly i think if i can wait that long.. :)

also a big thanks to by dear dh, who stayed home with the kids today...not something seemingly unusual but today was a big deal as he is a person down at work and as the boss has to go pick up her slack AGAIN!! needless to say this was the last straw with her and she was sacked. so i thank him because he will have a late night tonight doing things he could of done during the day for the mothersday function tomorrow.

Friday, May 09, 2008

check this out

my card on the cover....the one at the bottom called thanks so much
love this mag
cant show u the actual cards for a while, so u will have to go out and get it.. :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

visitors, hospitals and more

well it is really becoming winter down here...we have had some very chilly days. some days not getting much past 4 degrees which is mighty chilly. it hasnt been to bad the last two days or so over 10 degrees cause of the cloud cover, but its still two jumper weather!

Things to be happy about....gas heating, electric blanketS and wool slippers!!! the other thing is pay tv...oh god i have never seen so much afl in my life i couldnt stand it and went against our we dont pay for tv rule...and im really enjoying it....and thankful i dont have to watch afl anymore!

over the last few weeks we have had lots of visitors, it started with my parents for the long weekend. They arrived friday, saturday we went to a fantastic luncheon that my dh cooked for....YUMMO...all the wines were nicely matched to the dishes, we got the bus from avoca it was a fantastic day. sunday dan stayed home wiht the kids and heather, dad and myself ventured into melbourne and the dfo. I came home with quite a few basic items like long sleeve t's and stuff like that and a big thick coat for dan. all in all quite a successful trip for shopping is great fun when there r things u want but i have been days when it totally sucked!, monday my parents went home and dans sister and mum arrived. we didnt do anything to exciting as its hard with school and commitments all being at the beginning of the week and then the end of the week it rained which kept us all home in the warmth. We did get out to a local lookout point just a few ks from here, where i took a few pics. For our girls it was their first meeting with aunty sam and their grandmother on the jones side.
i love this photo its just so lovely, we r hoping to print it out and send it to aunty sam shortly who has just moved to canada for the next 6 to 12 months. of course emily wasnt really into cooperating, not knowing people is hard for her. by the end of the week she was doing really well with nanna jones which was nice
and heres one of the girls...jsut cause

and our hospital visit...oh my poor little emily ran straight into the corner of a wall yesterday afternoon which saw a very quick phone call to daddy and then emergency in the next town which has our hospital. we had bloody everywhere.....the scrapbooker iin me says take a photo the mother in me can hardly look at her head without bursting into tears. I can be strong and independent until it comes to the soonn as something is wrong with them i fall apart. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life holding a tea towel to her bleeding head while int he car...thankfully it stopped just before arrival at the hospital. thankfully it was glued shut as we were not looking forward to treatment at all. Really u wouldn know she hurt herself! she is running around like nothing happened at all....THANK GOD!