Tuesday, January 27, 2009

queensland, scrapping and being just plain lazy

were home
have been for a week. lots to do in a house about the start the journey that is formal schooling for the first time. there has been much shopping! uniforms, shoes, socks, lunch boxes, book packs the list is endless. we r starting to look organised for it but.

so organised that i finally decided that today i could scrap the day away.

its not an exciting page at all, these are photos from lillys preschool year. they were on display during the year and as a fundraiser the photos taken r sold to parents to repay the printing costs. i came home with 7 of them! they r just random pics of miss lilly from during the preschool year at some of the different things they got up too.
this is my happiness canvas. i was just going to add a word to my pin board but part of my happiness promise to me was to rediscover art so a mixed media piece seemed to make sense. it came together so easily i was shocked. art is one of those things u love it or u hate it, i am happy with this end result. on the green cardstock is the definition...i liked this one, characterised by good luck, fortunante - enjoying, showing or marked by pleasure satisfaction or joy - being especially well adapted, cheerful. it felt like everything that im trying to bring together. ive been doing some positive visualisation before going to bed at night (i know i know its way out there) but its working, im sleeping well, im eating properly and im feeling 100% on top of everything and im smiling!...its great

our holiday at home looked alot like this all the time. plenty of time in the pool, plenty of spending time with family and friends. we had a blast!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

on holidays

were on holidays this week
we will be back on the 20th

enjoy the few weeks left before school starts and i will be back soon..:)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

street parties and more

heres some of the things from our first country family christmas.
Our lovely town held a street party. it was provided free by our local business group and council. it was a blast. local bloke dressed up as santa arrived on motorbike with presents for all the children in town, there were christmas carols, rides for the kids and dinner plus entertainment in the form of whip cracking, u really know your in the country when thats the entertainment. next year we will take chairs! i tell u CHEAP family fun. it totally reminded me of a eaiser time in life many years before it took more money than sense to enjoy the season.

i sometimes wonder if things r difficult for my little miss. never allowed to go in the jumping castle all for obvious arm reasons, but still it makes me sad that she misses out on some things she would dearly love to do. lucky for us there was plenty of iceblocks and popcorn around to make her smile. i think i will scrapbook this so she knows that we knew it wasnt fair, but that we couldnt change it either.
heres lilly life of the party enjoying said iceblock and popcorn and nearly losing it to the camel puppet she didnt even know it was there lol

and on the bucking bull ride. she was scared stiff (in a good ride way)and all i could do was laugh she was so funny. almost lost her top at the end. its nearly 8pm in this photo if u can believe it...we r still not used the whole day light saving thing, dont think i ever will be, but we do enjoy being outside later into the day thats for sure. we went home not long after this to get ready for the big man to come visit our house. lilly was excited by the chimney thing. and wonder which he would pick, the one in their room of course so thats were the milk and cookies was left. lol (yes we have more fireplaces than sense. 5 of them! all working open style each with their own hand carved mantel)

christmas morning. i love watching the kids on christmas morning, they r both so different and so funny in approach. lilly is in one and all ripping at presents and opening until the pile of boxes and paper is bigger than the pile of presents, Emily is totally and i mean totally different. she opened each one slowly looking and paying attention and stopping to play with each item. it took her forever to open the presents. we were all desperate for breakfast by the time she was happy with her opening.
if i can just point out the hobby horses. on the dress up rack there. thank you my very lovely friend daisymum(who made them), the girls love them. they r a big hit around this house.
here she is taking her time. funny little thing she is. all her presents were all picked generally because they had to be manipulated with two hands. all secret she doesnt know shes doing it therapy! this wooden velcro fruit set with cutting board and knife came from http://www.entropy.com.au/ its a charming little toy shop with a shop front in townsville. they were FAST, toys were wrapped and reasonable with prices and range. it was a fantastic shopping experience. we will be using this store again. they stock mostly your traditional educational type toys...i wont hide the fact that i dislike most things found in target, kmart or big w as a waste of space and money!!!
we also bought some wooden eggs in carton to add to the kitchen and some wooden threading blocks for emily (great therapy for her again this last one).

thanks nanny and pa. the girls love the climbing frame and emily hangs from it with two hands just as we had hoped she would. More therapy for her arm gifts! im not sure why they have the trampoline there, maybe because the no shoes thing? we could do with some more rain clearly!
edited to add:
wedding anniversary today
9 years
eeek i nearly forgot!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


well hello 2009!
how easy it is to take a blogging break and become totally out of habit with actually doing it!!!
we haven't been doing much. obviously.
Dan was home for a few days between Christmas and new year. it was nice. we just hung out at home. from Christmas day I've had my nose stuck in not one but four books. twilight series. oh so loving it. my favourite thing was the midnight sun draft, there is something so very funny about the story from Edwards eyes. heh. today went and saw the movie while Dan and the kids saw something more kid appropriate. i was i will admit more disappointed in the movie. its never what u see in your head is it? I'm so very glad i read the story first. the book is way better.

summer seems to of finally found us down here in vic. it took a while. but the last few days have been warm with a cool breeze its lovely really. i haven't been doing much but enjoying the sun and reading books...odd to of not touched a piece of paper, double sided tape, photo or a sewing machine in this long. i can see that changing. esp since i have my December daily book to work on now i have a few pics to add to it.

no photos this post. next time!
i wanted to intro my 2009 word.
last year i went with home. i was so far away from my own that i needed a word to remind me that home is where u make it. it stills above the cupboards in my kitchen now. and i look at it often and think about what it means to me.
this year...
i wondered on a few
healing, family, love

but I'm going with

i used to be a fairly happy easy going person, or thats what it felt like anyway.
after all the drama involved during my 2008 i think i forgot how to be truely happy. dont get me wrong im fine with everything in my life. but i seem to have to work on happiness quite a bit to get it and i dont seem to be able to pull all the parts of my life together so that im doing everything well therefore making me happy. something seems to fall away. i would say since emilys accident my health has suffered and my weight has sored. im not one to promise myself things at this timeof year so i like the idea of having the year to work on just this one word. happiness to me will mean finding myself totally once more during the 2009 year and enjoying not just doing all the parts of my life again. im going to add this years word to my pinboard in my craft room. so i have a nice big visual reminder of it.

im sure i will be back in the next few days to share my dec daily album.
and my potato harvest that im thinking i should deal with before i go on holidays. im thinking it would be better to wait but i know that dan wont deal with while im gone. i put them down in october...about the second week so they have been down for about 10 or so weeks..???maybe more might be more like 11 this week....we have no idea if thats enough time, they r out the top of the gargabe bins thats for sure and i cant do anymore hilling....anyone got ideas on this??
speaking of the garden, we r harvesting lettuce now, having zucchini anyday and tomatos and carrots too. will share when we do the pull..>:)