Sunday, November 18, 2007

paper trends magazine

ive known about this for an age it seems and my project has been in the states for about as long

but this morning when i got a sale email from them i nearly died when there showing just partly on the front cover was my first american publishing too
so my project is in the top line second last cool is that i cant wait to get this magazine an aussies on the cover woohoo for me thats made my day

Saturday, November 17, 2007

scrapping retreat

my first one in 15 months....long time! but i wanted to wait until emily was a good age to leave for the weekend with the whole feeding her thing

had a great time

spent most of my weekend working on this A4 book i made with my binditall its all about emilys first birthday, i had that many photos of it it was silly so now they r all in one spot...i actually enjoyed scrapping like this with them all in a book about the theme instead of in my albums...i dont know why maybe its the easy to put out for people to look at (my kids mainly)

i also achieved some pages i cant show and this double...which is good cause it just felt like i ate and ate all weekend
im loving making memories noteworth at the moment

this is the hail we had just a few short weeks eldest thought that i made it hail for her entertianment....too cute!

Friday, November 16, 2007

home from work today

with a sick kid
she is in a very quiet mood
so i cheered her up with some christmas craft
thanks to ali edwards that shared her button trees making me see that lilly (4) would be able to do it herself, its fast becoming my fav blog to go and visit...and to tia bennett whom had the orginial idea up on twopeas this week

lilly has been a treasure working on her project and its so very cute

this one is lillys...didnt she do an ace very cute she is of course now so tired and cranky and worn out but she wont have a sleep!

and yes i know im very into the non traditional colour atm and its only november but i didnt have the heart to put it away after miss 4 did such a good job she is so proud of it lol.. :)

heres my scrapjacked entry for this month

and apart from that im SICK of waiting to be told that masters is actually over and the calls have been made....string it out much! i dont care tha ti didnt get the call as if i expected it but it would be nice to know its all over!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

more cards


i couldnt be more pleased to see my cards in stamping and papercraft. its fast becoming my fav place to be published

just look at how they display and photograph the work its so lovely

these are my christmas cards.. :) they r very easy esp for mass production and take very few products which i like for mass produced cards makes them that little bit cheaper

i think they r cute..: )

its prompting me to pack some christmas supplies for my small scrapbooking weekend away this weekend...a chance to work on some christmas cards and things for the low times when i dont feel like scrapbooking

there r some really cute projects in the stamping and papercraft mag out for christmas

Sunday, November 04, 2007

For Keeps ET

As per usual i got all my entry back
no winning layout in there not even a layout kept for publishing which was a little sucky
here they r
im very disappointed that they didnt keep this first one just for publishing
This is emily i dont know WTF for keeps are looking for anymore used to have a bit of success with them but NOTHING for a good 12 months or more ...this is a fav of my entry all the journaling spots are about why my emily is beautiful and its all that heartfelt stuff about her personality etc..: ) and i just love that photo of her

i was also very happy with this one of lilly just before she turned 4 and again journalling all about her at this age.

went for a bit of variety with this one..moving away from just scrapping children to show a different style i guess. I like it its not a fav but.This last one i was really really happy with. I quite like it and again its that little bit different to the others even thou its about my girls
and the last layout isnt scaned and im not happy with it so im not going to bother it let my entry down and i didnt have time to deal with the problem having said that i didnt expect to win...who really would expect it but i would of hoped that at least some of the above layouts would of been published but apparently they are no good in the eyes of for keeps...WHATEVER! i think they make my album look great so in the words of bart simpson...EAT MY SHORTS! hehehe