Saturday, November 27, 2010

fete cupcakes

my creation for Lillys School fete tomorrow.
i discovered glitter dust for cake decoration, i love it the stuff, its pretty cool.
ive been using the cupcake recipes from its a fantastic site. i want a reason to make the red velvet ones, they look so cute.
all the flowers and butterflies are just fondant with royal icing. its easy as. they have been through all sorts of conditions this week to. it was hot when i made them, sweating type hot, not fun, in fact YUK, and now its freezing and been raining for a few days, which made everything extra fragile!
i managed to get a cupcake carrier half price last week. it will get quite the work out between now and christmas.
next cupcakes will have snowmen on them for emilys preschool christmas party. wish me luck

Friday, November 12, 2010

mc happy day

it goes without saying that tomorrow is an important day for us.

most of us go our whole lives with no need for a facility such as ronald mcdonald house, but words rarly describe whats its like to actually need it, more than once.

its the simple things, from access to a kitchen, to a washing machine...the normal life stuff you still have to be able to achieve while your little one is in hospital. A safe affordable place to stay for extended periods of time. A place to retreat to on days outside the walls of the hospital, where even your sick children are welcomed. A location either within hosptial grounds or very close to for those times when your needed asap.

its so much more than a house. its understanding. where all going through similar experiences at the same time.

give what you can, buy a big mac, it really does make a difference.

Monday, November 08, 2010

its a barbies life

what to do what to do, three nude barbies, one unhappy four year old.

collect one scrapbag of material for her to look at, and maybe 20 cents worth of elastic, 30 minutes of my time at the machine and we have barbie fashion happening.

seeing something that excites her as much as my minimal effort with the clothes was pretty priceless i have to say.

this poor barbie, is Attitude Barbie. Nice tats...hehe...she had to have trashy clothes to match...seeing as we can't get the pen off.
Do your kids barbie hair look like this too? i wish they would find something bettter to make barbie hair out of

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

pleated strip skirt

i found this on moda bake shop, its very sweet.

its a pattern for a jelly roll, but strips of fabric do the trick. most of this material was made up of letf over bits and pieces and a fat quarter here and there. i had two 14 strip panels with six pleats in each, made for lilly who is seven and not a small seven.

it was easy stitching. and a great way to use up left over strips of material. its one i will make again.

i love moda bake shop, lots of patterns for all sorts of things. its a great blog.