Tuesday, May 30, 2006


ive been working on this lo since the weekend
i love the photo...rachel grieg took it from scrapbooking memories...her photos r just so beautiful...i have a few more to come from the scrap needs retreat
i love this photo...its the group of girls that i sat with at the retreat, all fantastic, we had a great time.

lillys first person drawing

look at this...its the cutest thing
lilly's first drawing of a person...the eyes r there u just cant see them...they didnt scan cause they r very light...i cant wait to scrap this...i just love it

on the house front its looking like it will be all finished next friday...thats a bit exciting!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

we have render

well i have been a bit slack updating cause i havent had any news to really add
the building has slowed over the last few weeks and we had no progress for nearly 3 weeks...but this week luckily the render and the garage door went on the house....photos to come...hoping the painter starts this week but not holding breath as i have been told 2 weeks in a row he will be there this week and just never turned up!!...its a little frustrating

baby is growing..belly is looking very pregnant now...just 13 weeks to go until out new addition arrives which is exciting...we cant wait.

here is a layout that i started at one friday crop and finished at another 2 weeks later which is unusual for me to say the least...love the photos and im pretty happy with the lo.

hope every one had a great mothers day...i was spoilt with an amm album very nice

Saturday, May 06, 2006

bathroom feature

well i saw my bathroom feature and the start of our tiling from afar today (no one on site so i was stuck looking in the windows) my feature tile in the bathroom is on a wall of the shower and it looks fantastic im so happy with it...and after all the problems our floor tiles are looking pretty good too, but i have only seen them in the laundry as only the wet areas have been done so far. (after all the fuss thankgod i like them and think they look good)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

blank canvas

the blank canvas of my scrap room
it sits at the end of our main living area so i will be close to the kids and no tucked away out of sight which will be nice...has a big double door entry anda view of the back yard...cant wait until im scrapping and talking with you all in there

my kitchen

well here it is
i know some of you have been stalking me to see this...: ) (hi chrissy)
and i finally got a picture...its just not so easy to get in there atm
tilers started today and the painters will start on monday i cant believe that it is almost finished!!...also add the look of the feature tiles in the bathroom...should see them finished on saturday...yah
had a minor problem with the floor tiles today even thou we picked from what we were told was the builders range for these they need to be laided differently and are going to cost us another $200 dollars!! gotta love tradies wish they told u these things but to be fair its the tile places fault...but after a stressed day of what will we do...we r just going to pay its easier and i just want my house now

a scrappit saturday night sketch

this is from the sketch on scrappit on saturday night this week. i also uploaded the sketch it was a fun one...have a go