Sunday, August 26, 2007

all about miss lil

its all about lilly today

as she turns 4

I will never for as long as i live forget the moment that i found out I was pregnant with you. It had been a strange time in my life as we walked the road of infertility between natural and medical assistance and the complete range of HIGH and extremely low emotions that go with it. I never for the life of me expected that test to come up with two lines that night...BUT IT DID.

We had been on holidays with my mum and her husband paul on the gold coast, we were resting and not thinking about being pregnant finally deciding a break from it all was what we needed. I was ill for quite alot of that holiday and couldnt stomach things like drink and breakfast (i know i should of known then and there...but i didnt...i knew i was pregnant with emily straight away cause of the same feelings...but not with lilly)

we came home still having no idea that our miss lilly was on her way finally turning us into a real family, it was a week after this that i was still complaining about not really feeling all that well and that i was extremely tired that my mum had said what if your pregnant?????

I was immediately off the phone and on my way down to the supermarket...funny thing is it never crossed my mind until that phone call...i spent the whole time until seeing the test saying I'm not, don't get hopeful (we had had so many high hopes dashed during that time in our lives)

I peed on the stick and then wondered off to do some other things including a phone call to your god mother and forgot about the test sitting on my toilet floor, still on the phone i went in to the test not expecting anything when there it was....2 LINES!!!!!!...2 lines...i dropped the phone and couldn't speak when sam asked me what was wrong i told her i had just done a test and it was was positive....i was FINALLY this point i really couldn't believe my eyes i almost hyperventilated i was in total SHOCK. when i rang my mother back i just said its positive and she didn't know what i was talking about for a second. This night...BEST IN MY LIFE, it is on a line with Lilly and Emily's birth but i will never ever forget this one moment that changed my world forever...there were alot of tears that night...tears of shock, disbelief, complete and utter joy and then some of fear as well.

lillys pregnancy didnt go without complication however and she was born a month early and low in birth weight (5pound 6) there had been placenta issues as well as my own high blood pressure issues and her birth while natural was with assistance and extremely scary....amazingly she recovered so quickly and so well that we were only seperated for a few hours (i wonder if its this experience even just a few hours that it was is what makes me not enjoy being away from my children...we dont do the baby sitting thing very often at all...i like having my kids with me or with at least one parent in general...funny i think im actually proud of the fact that they dont get watched by others very often except for the neccessity of day care for when im at work, we are very hands on parents i think or i hope)

after a rocky start...4 years down the track and my big girl is amazing. She is so independent which i would say she gets from me, she likes to do it herself (that is so me lol) She is kind and loving but strong willed and well can be stubborn...something else she gets from me hehe...and my beautiful girl used in the right way these things r so assets..: ) believe me i know. I cant believe how beautiful my girl is (both of them r actually) ringlets of curls and eyelashes most of us need to use fake ones to get, she is tall and skinny and has so much energy and generally loves life. I have loved being home for the last 12 months as it has allowed me to get to know my big girl and the child she has become in a completely differnet light. She LOVES being outside running around playing in the sandpit or her fort and chasing the dog. She LOVES craft and art she call s it all making lol. She pushes and challenges me to be the best i can be . She is daddys girl always has been there is just something between them that is so special and its really nice to watch them together :) Lilly is such a girl, she loves clothes (god help me lol) and hair pretties and rings and bangles all that dress up stuff but is a shocker at cleaning up and keeping her room tidy (something else im also hopeless at you should see this room lol) Both my girls may look like their father but this post has really shown me how much lilly and I are alike as well...its amazing really




Saturday, August 25, 2007

the birthday express

i have to say i love august...its my favourite m onth
we celebrate the birth of both our beautiful girls in august...and while its my fav month and one i prepare for months in advance with present shopping and layby where neccessary by am i glad once its all over

my big baby lilly is turning 4 on wednesday...i cant actually believe she is 4...this year she is really into the whole birthday thing....for months she has been talking about it and looking at the birthday cake book and talking about having a party. Never having had a birthday party for her (except the first one) we decided a little party would be asked for a princess fairy birthday party...we made crowns and wands and ate a toads stool was beside herself which makes all the getting ready worth it doesnt it...her face once she got home from swimming lessons this morning to see our house (sadly inside) decorated with hellum filled pearly pink and purple balloons with fairy dust on table clothes of fairys with fairy cups and plates and a princess balloon that has been singing happy birthday to her all day was a priceless experience.
Well this before the party and look at that face hehe....i think she has looked this exicted all day even now when she is beyond tired she is still on that happy nice place high.
Why do kids always pick the cake u really have to think about...but thankfully she was very happy my the jones version of the cake lol

This is my larger open living space....thankfully it can accommdate a party who knew lol....the rain the rain im a little sick of it even thou i know we really need what we r getting scary that it really is only a 3 month supply...anyway...i have to cutest photo of lilly upon walking into the room all set up for her party...eyes as big as saucers.

Making crowns...the concentration...she kept going back and adding things to her crown and wand all day and she was so fantastic with the glue and the craft that im thinking its time to add at home glueing and making into the daily routine (we do craft all the time paint and stuff....)

her finished wand

Blowing out the candles on the cake. the cake took me all day yesterday to bake, cool and ice and well we do have half left but five seconds after the song its all over, u would only do it because u love your children hehe

well its after 7:30 now and both my beautiful girls are in bed with no tears or dramas...they were both very tired girls i think hehe

i have to say hellum filled balloons esp the singing birthday one - well worth the money...they have kept children amused all day and much of the night in this house...and the best part we have enough hellum to blow the big one back up again before the tank goes back on monday....however it has had a quick hole repair tonight lol so i hope it lasts...they say u get 50 plays of the song and i must say we have to of had ALOT more than that out of it

now she has to wait until wednesday for her first real B _ I _ K _ E, for that one i cant wai tto see her face

congrats to everyone that got a masters call i cant wait to find out what happens now...whatever it is all my things are at sm as we speak

a big good luck to heidi swapp on her big move to china

and a WOW how exciting to kate mason - twins

and to the millar family...thinking of u guys...happy birthday angel princess rani

Sunday, August 19, 2007

a reason to save

there is nothing like a great reason to save is there
last week my parents (dad and step mother) were telling us of their plans for the france holiday they have booked for a little over 18 months from now. They have decided to rent a large house (they plan to be away for a while i think), and are going to hire a van type transporter going ok...interesting and looking at them sort of werid i have to say...what would 2 people want with that....the next sentence i had to ask them to say twice! lol they have invited us and the kids of course to go with them and my step sister and her partner and kids as well and the best part and the part i had to ask for twice...all we have to do is pay for our flights and have spending money...YEH!!!!!

so france here we come....we started saving this exciting is that

we have been before but stayed in the main areas of france...the tour, nice etc u know the ones... :)

everyone is discussing the location of the house at current and if we just go for one location the whole time or go for two with my step mother in saying we go for two locations so at this stage everyone is going towards a house in the country side but close enough to paris to come in for the night once or twice and then into wine country

it will be so interesting to actually be in the smaller towns and part of the life over there for a few weeks and will be very different to the france i saw from the hotel point of view so we r very excited here...

dan and i r thinking of either going home via london or america for a quick visit...probably london...the euro star was suggested and then a few days in london and then fly home from there....dont know we have done london...I LOVE THE PLACE...but would also love to go to newyork and then florida (have family there) and then home....will be fun with a 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old wont it lol

seeing a pic on kerrins blog just before made me think wow we will actually get to see that again and i will ge tto take the sorts of photos i want this time

u know the bit that is very exciting...a french mark in my passport....u pretty much have to fly into france to get one...when we came over from the uk its this sort of no big deal thing which is sad and u dont get stamps anymore as it sjust one big thing i will finally get to add a french one to the lonely uk and swiss ones in my passport hehe

taught at blossies in morayfield was lovely...a great bunch of ladies who worked at the project so well cause we had to move quick. here is the project

its a large canvas...we turned it around and used the back of the canvas...its a tops idea isnt it...i wish it had been mine but alis no...i saw a lady in nz do it first...i sadly deleted the name but and cant remember otherwise i would plug her work it was beautiful. Im working on doing a few canvas's like this as gifts in the next few weeks too...its so clever! i have to admit i was just thinking derrr when i saw the effect...i love that it has a frame

hope everyone had a great weekend

enjoy your week


Friday, August 17, 2007

a great week

well it started off with dread
emily turned one
but i bravely went there and dealt with it all well
and then i have followed on to have the best scrapbooking week ever plus so other great things hehe
after years of sm masters submissions i finally got in the top 100...but oh the packaging up of those articles is not fun, im so worried its going to get damaged on the way and not look the part on arrival...but still to have gotten this far is fantastic as i had decided not to do it again if nothing came of it this year...but im kind of pleased i can try again next year now hehe
that was monday or tuesday...tuesday i think

then wednesday my dh said the words every woman wants to hear....i will do the housework for u for the next 2 days...WOOOOHOOO dh always helps out int he house...with whatever he is really pretty good...the last few weeks he has been working ALOT...out the door by 9 and not home until after midnight (he is a chef...and a very good one at that) in that time we ordered garden mulch and things to finish off our main part of the backyard and well its lucky im not frightened of hard work cause u know who had to do all the work....ive been so buggered i havent scrapped much at all...i often wonder if my dh notices the house is generally clean and tidy and the clothes washed and put away etc etc...and well the answer is YEP he does... :) so that was nice
my face cleanser fell and broke on the floor...dan didnt notice it and showered while the container filled with water...and well that just wasnt going to wash my face was my delight upon walking into myers yesterday where i left $300 dollars lighter in the was clinque gift with purchase time...WOOOHOOO so i replaced all my skin care items which were looking just a little bit sad (I have to say i hate it when everything runs out at the same time thankfully it doesnt happen often) and came home with a little gift...and the lip plumping lip gloss is worth a go ladies....oh it makes your lips all nice...not big but u end up with no cracks in your lipstick...oh i love products hehe
after i got home yesterday after a lovely morning tea with my friends Chris , sal and julie (during our lovely morning tea we got in trouble by these cranky old ladies for making to much rude is that) sitting in my inbox was a message from kim archer tell me i had made the short list in her search for a miss september comp for Kim Archer at home

so while i havent won anything its not about the winning is it...sometimes its just nice to know your up there in the right place with your work

thanks for reading my ramble hehe...clearly i have nothing worth while to talk about lol

hope you all have a great weekend

heres some pics of my miss emily on her birthday ps im not a good dig artist hehe...but it was all so pretty i had to use it...the kit is downloadable from and it is called spring breeze

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

what were u doing 12 months ago tonight

I can tell u i wasnt blogging!!!

my older daughter had been just picked up by my mother for the night, and my dh and i were settling in for a rest as we knew we were in for a big night!...all day doctors had been trying to start my labour with no luck. At 7:30 it was on....and i dont get that lovely build up....i start with contractions 5 minutes apart and STRONG! I was so hopeful of natural birth at that didnt end up that way at the early morning my labour stalled because emily wasnt engaged she just couldnt get down there (she had been in a funny position for days)

I have to tell you tears well when i think about this night and the fact that it was actually 12 months ago...i remember like it was yesterday the c section and the jokes to ease my nerves by medical staff and then the beautiful baby and the calm 10 minutes that followed where i just got to tell her i was her mum (unlike lilly who was whipped away in an emergency and the frantic minutes that passed where i couldnt calm downuntil i heard her cry, we didnt even know if she was a girl). Her birth was not what we planned on AT ALL....and i was so scared of that op, but in the end it was beautiful and a miracle and calm

well that baby, my beautiful emily is one tomorrow. ONE! and im dealing with it no better than i was 8 weeks ago...tonight i put to bed an 11 month old for what i expect for me the last time tomorrow i put to bed a one year old

it really is unbelieveable how fast a year really does go

so as i try to keep my emotions in are a few things about our miss em!

She has the funnies little personality that I just adore, she looks so much like her sister at the same age but they are so different. My baby girl has a beautiful soft nature. She is a mummies girl (and secretly I LOVE IT hehe) she always likes to know that i am near by, and during the day if im watching tv or reading a book she just comes up and leans on me for no reason other than being close and saying HI. She has in the last week developed the ability to fake laugh...its so funny and give the biggest cheezy grin showing all her teeth. I would love a photo of this its SO CUTE, she screams when she doesnt get her own way or when u take something away from her lol....its a short bursting scream and its very funny. Our girl now goes to sleep on her own, still in mummy and daddys room (we have a main bedroom the size of 2 rooms and its all the way up the other end of the house...great for teens not so for babies) but not for much longer as soon as we get the free time to dismantle the bed in her room she is moving into it...she waves and claps and likes to dance with her older sister. She is walking but its not the main mode of transport just yet and she gets so EXCITED when she walks. Emily loves toys and plays with them in the way they are intended (i know im strange for the last one but lilly isnt really a toy kid....she has millions of them but she just doesnt play with them really.,.so when we see emily we really notice the difference in the way she plays...its funny isnt it) she is saying mumma, dadda and bubba and knows who they belong too and this morning lifted my shirt up for her drink when i wasnt quick enough lol

ok well thats it...i will have more over the next few days im sure off to make birthday cupcakes before falling in a heap as lilly has been sick and kept us awake for most of last night

but i leave with u an emily layout from last week...its for aussie scrapjack...the photo is only from last week this is my baby at 11 months old...tomorrow i will have number one photos... :)

goodnight eveyrone havea great weekend
watercolours...lO VE THEM....i have had these watercolour pencils since i was an art student at school it was nice to get them out after all these years with a good worthwhile use ofr the too..: )

Thursday, August 02, 2007


thanks chris for tagging me
The Rockin' Girl Blogger idea originated from Roberta Flanaghan
now to tag five people
so i tag...michelle grant, kate mason, lisa walker, mel millar and nat mardon (and i know im to lazy to do the links sorry lol

not much going on here....i wont a little rak on michelle grants blog and i will have a brand spanking new banner made by michelle here soon, michelle is so clever so i cant wait to have that up, still working on a new photo from this including one of me dont die of shock hehe

i also won a layout scrapped by sheree mcgee on scrap jacked so thats pretty exciting, i sent her a pic this morning, the layout i won with is the green one with the transparency flowers below.. : )

what else
dt work for scrapbook stuido (formally scrapbookingbydesign)

crate paper stuff...very nice
what else...emily will be one in 9 days....pretty scary really!!....we have been working up a storm in our garden to try and finish off our landscaping so that its pretty for the party month from hell starting with a first birthday party next saturday, a 4th brithday party 2 weeks later and then emilys baptism FINALLY!!! I will share some photos of the finished yard next week when we have mulched and the deck is finished (ON SATURDAY WOOOHOOO only about 3 months after the thing was started but thats what happens when your father builds it)
have a nice weekend everyone.. :)