Tuesday, May 29, 2007


well our house has finally seen the arrival of emilys teeth

about time we r saying at nearly 10 months old

but she has to be an overachiever doesnt she...we have gone from no teeth to 3 in less than a week!!!!!....lots of sleepless nights in this house

i did this layout last night

using the sketch on the ozsketches blog...thanks girls

Monday, May 21, 2007

scrapbook creations

scrapbook creations...has been our now for i dont know how long

ive been very slack this week...2 sick kids and a sick mummy in this house has made our week start out very slow!


i had this layout picked up by sc and finally its out

i was just on their website and its a project in their project gallery as well
lilly has changed so much since these photos...about 12 months old now..: ) how time goes so fast....she will be 4 so soon...she is such a rascal and keeps me on my toes...r all 4 year olds like that??? she is really pushing limits this week and being sick i have a short fuse for it too...but am finding that if the house is clean and tidy and not in caios she behaves much better and today was great but im buggered keeping her entertained while she was stuck inside all day! thankgod for water colour kids paints...lifesavers...and dvd's also lifesavers on rainy inside all day days and for her cool little wheelie bug thingo...its a ride on toy for inside...its on casors and scoots and spins on the tiles she loves it and on a stuck inside day it uses up lots of energy i also thankgod for tomorrow and the luxury that is kindy! when i will be able to sit like a slug and get over my cold for part of the day anyway....will still have emily home

Thursday, May 17, 2007

some scrapbooking

as i said been doing some stuff that cant be shared atm

but why is it that some layouts from the very start r just fantastic!! and the picture perfect copy of what was in your head...and some...are just hard the whole way and u end up not that happy with them even thou there is nothing wrong! this was my day yesterday

This is my nailed it layout. Its just what was in my head and fell together in a few hours and it was a joy. It then gave me the bug as you would expect, something i havent had all week and i had things i wanted to do.

I then moved on to the sketches blog, which was a sketch from my friend chris millar and i really wanted to nail it....its just not what was in my head but! My dh keeps telling me its fine and there is nothing awful about it but i cant shake that feeling that its not right...i think its the title up the top that lets it down its plain but everything i do to fix it looks silly so in the end at midnight last night i left it alone only to face the same question this morning...so i think its going to be one of those layouts u put away straight away so that you stop thinking about it!...does everyone have this problem please say yes lol it seems to come for me when im changing something about what im doing with scrapbooking...right now im into having bits and pieces hang off the edge and i couldnt get it to work for this layout that sent it right out the window i think for me.

Now this layout just fell together very easily last friday night. Its a layout for Scrapbooking by design my nz dt site and will be an online class next week. Kits are all avaliable at the site. And this layout is from the monthly kit of papers over there that are all Piggy tales and really very nice...liking these daisy d flowers too I will also teach this layout in oz as part of triple the fun at paper addiction next month.

what else had been going on in our little world. Emily has discovered dolls, and lilly who isnt really into dolls now is lol...oh the fun of sharing, so i had a doll in the present cupboard that i had gotten for emilys birthday...she has it already...it had been there for months and i gave in...she loves it...so my girls have been spending their days playing dollies which is so very cute.

Im still breastfeeding emily...she doesnt like a bottle at all even when its expressed me which is fine by me and i have been blessed with a year at home this time around so why stop its all to easy. Until the other day i had not thought about what lilly thought of breastfeeding. She watches, and tells me emily is having her nilk (its nilk god knows why), we talked about how when she was a baby she also had my nilk and she usually trindles off and plays. The other day she grabbed her baby and started feeding her. Well i have never seen anything so cute. I popped emily off and went for the camera of course like any good scrapbooker would of lol so funny its from her stomach
my poor baby girl was just bitten by her first wasp...3 of them in fact so we r on reaction watch right now she was so upset cause she thought it was a bee and well she likes barnarby the busy buzzzy bee from the fairies...but we showed her they were wasps and she was ok...i actually think that hurt her more than the wasp sting.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

what have we been doing

over the last 8 weeks or so
my house has been consumed with compeition of all sorts
scrapbook creations, masters and elite
are just some
but Daniel my dh has also been entering his own comps.

proud wife moment coming hehe

my dh is quiet a promising young chef and if your in brisbane or coming for a visit i recommend you seek him and his team out at cha cha char....fantastic brisbane steak restaurant

this year he choose to take on a comp and has gone out for Young Chef of the Year...i had no idea what was involved in cookery until i had to type up his entry and let me just say it took me 2 full days of typing!! very scary

anway now that entries have closed and noone can poach or steal his ideas im allowed to share them.. :) i took the pics, the main i could of done better but we ran out of time because he would of had to make the dish again and thats time consuming

entree - salmon quartet

main - duck confit beef wellington

desert - choc hazelnut suffle with vanilla been icecream

now of course they have lovely resturant names that are like 3 lines long!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

sketch blog

ive been working on my masters single layout this weekend...but thought i would share with u the sketch i did using kims sketch from the aussie sketch site

thanks for th einspiration girls

i just couldnt get in a good head space for this and even thou the photos r what i wanted to do they r not good photos at all disposable camera need i say more!

ok im going through a bit of a why do i bother moment with my blog...so if your out there reading this give me a hey!

Friday, May 04, 2007

card dare site

ive been playing with the card dare
im sorry just a sneak peak but as its off for publishing... :) ive had a heap of success with getting a few cards published in stamping and papercraft magazine...im really enjoying making the cards too its something totally different and a great way to use up all my pretty papers and things sitting on my table that deserve a use

so much fun

ive also been playing with the modpodge and napkin technique

Jones leather lounge lessons

1 dont let 3 year old near it with biro!! (but hair spray solves the problem) this happened last year while we were living at my parents

2 dont let said 3 year old near it with nail polish (sugar soap to the rescue that time)...this about a month after we bought out leather lounge!...im scrubing and very pg with emily...what a sight

and finally 3 dont leave your stazon ink pad out where said 3 year old can get to it...the lounge coped it! but stamp cleaner and then leather lounge cleaner and conditioner saved the day...THANKGOD! oh at ps did everyone know that stazon cleaner goes very hot on your hands??? i had no idea