Sunday, December 31, 2006


Oh boy here i going to admit something to myself
2 years ago...yes it would be...i had success on weight watchers...i didnt make it to my goal weight as i fell pregnant with emily...but u know i was pretty happy with were i was that i didnt mind to much...didnt really put on that much weight while i was pregnant...11 kg or there the grand scheme of things and pregnancy thats nothing...and by tthe time i had emily i hadn't put on weight for a month....i was left thinking im sure i will be ok and go back just like i did when i had lilly to the weight i had started my pregnancy at...umm NO!! lol

When i came home from hospital i had about 7 kg to lose...i thougth thats ok...actually thats pretty good....but i didnt do anything about it...wanted my milk to settle down and get over the c section and there were a million reasons not too...during that time my eating went from good to so bad im embrassed...usually the person who will not purchase junk food became the junk food queen...and u all know the cycle it creates...i then craved it to the point that i couldnt stop

this being that time of year and thinking about resolutions i knew i wanted to do something about my weight...but i dont like to be a satistic and fail at things so decided i wouldnt wait for the new year...i was reminded of dr phil actually who said why put soemthing off that you can start that was about a week ago...i wondered just what to do...didnt really want to return to weight watchers...i hate the $16 to get on the scales and the meetings bore me to death because i know how to eat properly its just the motivation that i lack most of the time. But what to do...low gi...such a catch phrase these days....low fat not sure i believe that to be true as we need fat in our diets its just the types that matter and so good fats get left out and then we this is finally what i decided upon...the total wellbeing diet Decision one made...get the book (in the sales to woohoo) i read it that night and woke up and started as it really had a good provision for a breastfeeding mother which is still very important to me that emily get everything she needs especially as she isnt old enough for soilds yet...i didnt make a start date that i would fail...just did it...but then i wondered what happens when i dont want to be true to myself...weight watchers has that way of wanting u to behave because someone will see what you hear gos...if the people that read this dont mind im going to use u all for that.

so this is me still in week ago....weight 97.2 kg....(hello bridget jones hehe)
of course will lose 30 kg...but really to fit back in my clothes would be nice as im still sometimes wearing my maternity clothes all pulled in and i hate generally a size 14 or 12 depends
i dont usually like to weigh during the week of a diet...but 4 days in i couldnt help myself...wanted some motivation that this could actually work and to my surprise
weight...95.8kg...i know still embrassing and i am very embrassed by what i weigh its sick...but in 4 days i have lost 1.4kg...hello biggest loser

this diet is great...i dont know how i will cope with it when i go back to work...which is still a while away but its generally a balanced diet with very little processed food involved and no processed meats so im cooking everything but thats ok...its working...i havent craved a single piece of junk food in 4 days...and i know there will come a time that i will but i plan to use something from sure silm systems that my friend uses (pricey otherwise i would be there as her diet and mine seem very similar) and thats a breakout day...every few weeks ...she is allowed one break out meal where she can eat anything she wants...i think this is important because we all like those little treats and i love eating out i know what i will be using my break out for...while im on holidays!!

no im not worried about my holidays as we generally only eat bbq meat and salads while at the beach so that fits in perfectly..: )

ok thanks everyone...expect to hear from me in a week with what i hope is more really really good news...: )

wow congrates to those that made it to the bottom of this post...what a long one

Saturday, December 30, 2006


As listed on scrapping stuff

bag roller scrapbooking tote

12 months old and used weekly. Cost me $100 so im thinking $50?? or make an offer

its still in very good condition. Completely zippered, with wheels and extendable handle. Fold out pockets on both ends and in the front. The large compartment easily holds 12x12 paper cases or albums plus embellishments. This has been a great tote and im only getting rid of it because i was given a new one for christmas. If your interested in it contact me postage i dont feel would be worth it (but if your willing to part with the cash will post it for u) so if your brisbane and can pick it up that would be perfect. Im on the north side.

I will be popping the tote onto ebay in about a week


Thursday, December 28, 2006

my miss em

here is a layout i have had on my table all week

isnt she just a sweet heart.
my beautiful miss em wont be long and she will be 5 months old...cant remember life without her but why does it have to go so fast...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

random stuff

Congrats to lisa over a scrapbooking by design...the site is finally active. If you click on the link in my list that should get you exciting for her right on christmas. What a present.. :) the forum is already off to a great start so pop over and say hi. The site is based in nz.

lilly had her very first dentist visit today..will share pics later was all very funny and started with playing barbies with our dentist (who is a friend lol) he was so fantastic with her. If your living around my area (northlakes brisbane) northlakes family smile is open for business and troy is a fantastic dentist. Our visit ended with me in the chair which wasnt the plan lol but miss lilly insisted it be my turn next so i played the good mother and did it without a single sound lol...there r also some amusing photos of that, that you will not get to see hehe

ok..merry christmas to all if i dont post again before monday...i hope you all have a fanastic day and that santa is good to all.. :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

New year madness updates

Just a quick reminder if you havent paid yet that jan will soon be here with us...eeek
and a quick peak at some of the projects for during the week

2007 Calendar
Kits for the calendar are available from me for $5.40 including the actual calendar, paper, ribbon and stamped 2007 and brackets. Please note that I found the calendar at a discount store and am passing it on for what it cost me to purchase. and that papers will vary from kit to kit but will all be chatterbox.

Door Hanger
Kit is avaliable for just $4.00. It will include the wooden door hanger, flowers, papers and ribbons. Additional things like kindy glitz can be added to your order. And i also have a packet of the large letters open. If you would like one add in an extra 70c and its yours as long as I have your letter. Again papers may vary but all will be ordinating and chatterbox.

Other things to be relased as the week goes along
Sketch every second day
chipboard novality book mark - kit $2.00
mini books - kit $7.00
mini layouts
live layout class (kit - $5.90) and more.

Access for the classroom blog will be given to those that have paid during the last week of december, and first projects listed on 1st of jan. Email notification will be given everytime something new has been added to the blog..: ) I am looking for feedback as well especially on ease of instructions so please drop me a line.

thanks everyone
I will notify people as soon as i see payments

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


here are some of my design team layouts for last month

poor lisa is still having trouble getting the site up and running over at scrapbooking by design...she has the patience of a saint i swear i would of thrown a huge trantrum by now

Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Year maddness

January Online classes are set to be HUGE registration is open.

New Year Maddness
Come enjoy this fantastic workshop that lasts the entire month. Get a sketch with inspiration every second day, competitions and small projects to do everyday all ending during the last week of january with a layout class live. All for the bargin cost of $10. Yes thats right the whole month for only $10. Upon payment access is given to a special blog which holds all the information and discussion is all through the comments section of the blog

More sneak peaks to come

Friday, December 08, 2006

my new backyard

over the last few weeks we have been working in our yard and if u contrast to the photos i showed u when we first moved in we have really done some work. Yes i know im proud my dh did most of this himself.. :)

so i now have garden beds some plants the rest r a work in progess in weekly trips to the markets or thou this week i think give it a miss.. :)

on monday and tuesday we paved and got the turf underlay ready...and today we have rolled out the turf...even lilly helped hehe tomorrow i hope we can put our outdoor table together and put up a shade something or other until we get the patio roof so that i can have my parents to lunch on sunday and actually eat outside woohoo...a bbq is on the cards hehe