Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my top 10

thanks for passing this on chrissy
it was fun to go looking at my older layouts and pic favs

Monday, February 26, 2007


to all those people that visit my blog
i wish blogger had the ability to let me respond to you all privately
i love the comments recieved

some more pcos info
i always have my ear to the ground on this subject as it will effect me forever even thou i achieved my family
keep an eye on the csiro website...they are working on a study linked to pcos atm and their total wellbeing diet...i have dabbled with this diet it is great
also found out that it seems to run in our family; as the mother of two girls im extremely fearful for them now too.. :( i had never once thought about it being a genes thing im praying it likes to skip generations

Saturday, February 24, 2007

my journey

i wished i blogged back then i think it would of been really helpful to have this style of journal and to now go back and read it, but instead i suffered this path alone. As the years have past i have met so many people with infertility problems explained and not explained...its the cruelist thing to ever go through and it changed me in ways i never knew until i was given the biggest gift of children I have suffered this path twice to have my girls, i have PCOS (Poly cycstic oviarys) there r some radical ideas out there on how to solve the problem but for those of us that suffer it in the classic form infertility, excess hair, hard to lose weight etc to do anything is a major life transformation. I was lucky enough to stumble across sharkeys healing centre and use a herbal mixture to help me normalise and cleanse my body with the results speaking for themselves really. Im not sure why i wanted to share this with you all...i would like to hopethat anyone who reads this that is suffering this path knows that dreams do come true, that they are worth every little test and tear you will endurer while on this path and that we should talk about touches so many people and so many people that i have met...i really find it quite scary because when its u u feel like no one else can understand...i wish i had know some of the poeple i have met when i was suffering it would of made it not easier but different

this layout im sharing started out being for my everyday moments album in the my life section, but it sort of spiralled and i ended up submitting it for the heartfelt journalling...still it might go into my album

the journaling reads

for the longest time i wanted a family. Chrildren to call my own. But at first my dream didnt come true. Much heartache, depression, tests and specialists took over 2 years of my life. Just as I was starting to accept out dream may never come true those 2 special lines turned up to change my world. I visited this part of my life once more when our dream included another world changing want. I look back now at that time and I look today at my beautiful children and know they were worth every tear and test endured.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

another year older

well once i got over the inital bad start (my husband had purchased the present but forgot today was my birthday...lets just say it hasnt won him any browny points) to my 31st birthday i got a pretty cool present...sad part was that i didnt actually enjoy opening it because i was a little upset with said dh by this point...but i put it aside and finally enjoyed it much later on...still not a happy camper but

anyway...thought i would share some pics of my present

and yes that very special coloured box is from

and on this inside was something my dh was going to get me when we finally got the keys to our house but it wasnt a great time with all the bills associated with getting the keys to our house...u know the story

not doing anything else today so im sure it will be one filled with looking after children...its a bit sad really

our miss emmy is almost crawling...she has been dragging herself around for weeks but this morning has gotten up on all fours....god help me excited and yet i know what this means this time lol....its almost the same time has lilly started to crawl too...on my birthday (yes my girls are that close in birth lol...3 years apart but both born in august...u wouldnt believe the jokes we hear about that lol and no its noone birthday

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


well it had to happen lol
chris tagged me so here we go

A=Available? married!
B=Best Friend - dont have one...have lots of dear friends but
C= Cake or pie - pie...savoury kinds
D= Drink of choice? d coke
E= Essential item you use everyday - My toothbrush!LOL
F= Favorite color: pink
G= gummie bears or worms- Worms
H= Hometown - Northlakes - brisbane
I= Indulgences - scrapbooking
J= January or February - feb..its my birthday
!K= Kids and Names - Lilly and Emily
L= Life is incomplete without... Hugs and kisses!
M= Marriage date - jan 8, 2000
N=Number of siblings- 1 brother and a step sister
O = Oranges or apples - apples
P= Phobias or Fears - Something happening to the kids
Q= Favorite Quote - Friends know us but love us anyway
R= Reason to smile - I love and I am loved
S= Season - Spring, or autumn...its so cool and so not hot
!T= Tag 3 or 4 people - Ky, Chrissy, jo kneller
U= Unknown fact about me: i spend to much money hehe
V= Vegetable you don’t like - tomato
W = Worst habit - I turn all the lights off...dan hates it
X= X-rays - chest, neck and back after car accident....arm and foot...after breaks and knee after dislocation
Y= Your favorite food - Lemon Merginue Pie, prawns, chocolate.. I could go on and on!
Z= Zodiac Sign - Pieces

Saturday, February 03, 2007

time for some scrapbooking

i just noticed how long its been since i shared anything

these are two pages i was working on last night

50 years is of my grandparents on my dads side...i am guessing that this photo is about 10 to 15 years old...i wont knowuntil my aunt rings me back with the date of me and my friend suzanne...the flourish is something i made myself all inspiration coming from those biggest board sets of chipboard florishes u know the ones