Thursday, July 31, 2008

getting out

ok wonderful people
we r getting out of here to ronald mac today
i cant believe i have just taken the first load of things back to our room!!!!
i never thought this day would come last week and here it is

i will of course lose internet access over the weekend until emily is admitted back to the ward on monday for the day for all the dressing changes and physio stuff...but thats ok and then i hope i will be home for the rest of the week and back in maybe thursday or friday.

thanks for the advice on what to do re the charges
i come down on the side of no court...but we have decided to get some legal advice before making the final call as we will go after some sort of comphensation for emily as we now dont know what the future holds for her (that path is still foggy) and there r some costs that will need to be covered to provide her with the care she requires. We will go with whatever the lawyer says is right i guess, and what will be the best outcome for emily. thanks for sharing your thoughts...its a question i dont like too.. :(


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


her graft was a 100% take!!!!!!!!!!!
not one part of it had to be repaired or cut back.

i have seen photos...which as her mum was pretty hard to look at, but at the same time i was amazed at the healing that has occurred. The bruising which im sure u can imagine was a shade of purple and blue i never want to see again is gone, and the graft itself is very red, (of which i was prepared for) but its clean and while it doesnt like right it doesnt look sore either, so i was very pleased. There is about a 1/2 cm depth of skin and tissue missing from her arm to the graft, its quite an odd shape the wound itself...its not rectangle like i sort of will be like that for the next 6 or so months while it all heals, and then function assessment will occur. They r sort of hopeful that her muscles will respond without further work, but cant made a final assessment yet....if she requires no muscle work the space will be filled in by a fat flap and left. its all pretty amazing.

the better news is that it looks like we will be released to ronald mcdonald house for the weekend, back on monday for dressing changes and stuff, some education for us from physio and for redressing and then home until later that week when we will be back for dressing change again.....i could be home by monday night or maybe tuesday morning depending....but oh my god!!!!!
i know we r still a long way from finished....but i feel sort of like the nightmare part is finished with sort of....we were however left with a decision to make over the charge to the person that hit emily on whether we want it to go to court....i dont think i could sit through a trial, even thou i know this person deserves to be punished for what just not sure what it will do, it doesnt change anything and it doesnt return her arm to before the accident...what would u do??

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i was a negative person yesterday wasnt i

so this post is an im thankful post

im thankful that my little girl is still here (i cant describe in words how much, its indescribable)
im thankful that emily has her arm
im thankful that we r in a world class hospital
im thankful for the nurses and doctors helping emily get better
im thankful for the miracle of modern medicine
im thankful that emily is allowed out today to see the hospital and over the ronald mac for lunch together as a family
im thankful that my parents have been here to help me out
im thankful that my children have a wonderful father and i have a fantastic husband
im thankful that i can sleep beside my daughter while in hospital
im thankful for the support i have from my family, friends and the scrapbooking community in general....THANKYOU just doesnt seem to cut it...but THANKYOU

Monday, July 28, 2008

more wishes needed

ok so in about 30 or so hours
we will know if the skin graft has taken and is healing well enough for us to go home by the weekend
i so want this to happen

im sick of living in a hospital
im sick of having my family split between here and there
im sick of not being there when both my girls need me
im sick of medical procedures, and the smaller ones i have to be involved with
im sick of sitting by a cot in a curtained room day after day
im sick of hearing hi-5 (even if thankful for them when its the only thing that emily is happy to see, usually at 4 in the morning!!!)

i hate the fact that my little girls now know that mummy and daddy cant always protect them from stuff that happens in the world
i hate the fact that this will change our lives forever...i will forever be scared to walk near the back of a car with the kids (which will make shopping interesting), i will forever be scared that the kids will dart out on the road when they r not holding my hand while walking on the sidewalk, i will forever be scared of what others r doing in their cars while we r near them and i will forever be scared of what this means for emily in the future (i have told lilly about what emilys arm will look like, and while we will love her no matter what her arm looks like i fear what kids r going to say to her during the school years. I will actually be thankful for the rest of my life that that patch of skin and arm is actually there, but how do u explain that to a child experiencing it.)

i am on a more positive note...driven at the moment to when the time is right GIVE BACK! we have received so much from so many people in the last few weeks. i feel that i have a mission to make sure ronald mc house, starlight, and the hospital to name a few are part of the give back feeling i have. And i hope to part of major fund raising events during the later part of this year and the start of next. im also going to look into becoming a play is just lovely what these people who were once teachers do for the children in the hospital. i love teaching always will, there is nothing quite like hearing a child read for the first time and knowing u had something to do with it, but seeing the smile on emilys face when the therapist comes to see us or we go to the play room is something i would like to give back to people too.

last night lilly finally opened up about what she saw that day 3 weeks ago....and she remembers emily being stuck and mummy and daddy screaming it must of been a scary sound for her to hear. It makes me still cry, when i think that i am only just now starting to deal with her pain from the accident. which i am told is all on the track of how kids deal with trauma. Its taken that long for her to want to talk about it.

ok i wasnt going to post today....but had stuff to get out of my head...its full today of thinking!
hope everyone is well and taking care

Saturday, July 26, 2008

its amazing

what a good sleep can do

emily had the best sleep last night, the best one she has had in 20 days! woohoo
we both slept well

mind u she had a big day yesterday
music therapy, clown doctors and then the starlight foundation christmas in july celebrations. it was a busy one

today she is so bright and happy, playing with a few new presents from yesterdays celebrations. starlight foundation and clown doctors r fantastic. they really do brighten the days of children stuck in hospital beds.....we saw all the captains from the starlight room again this morning up on the wards...such a great organisation.
funtastic toys donated all the presents....a big woohoo to t hem...great work!

not much happening today....emily is pretty much for the moment pain free without meds this m orning and will i expect her to get more uncomfortable as the day continues its great to not be forcing panadol down her throat for a little while...she has become an expert panadol spiter!

Friday, July 25, 2008

cranky today

well yesterday was filled with temp's and lots of leg soreness

her donor site was quite painful yesterday....and she had quite a big temp for most of the day...but it thankfully broke late last night and it seems gone today.....woohoo....
but lots of little tests to check on her central line in case happened....all seems well.

today she is cranky, but having music therapy atm so i hope that makes her a little brighter. dieing to get home and be normal, and creative, and just be with my family....a big thankyou to everyone that reminds me of my strength to cope with all this.. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


skin graft happened
she is awake, and mellow...i thinks i could do with some of her drugs atm!

another 8 or 9 days in hospital maybe...and then a few weeks of twice a week visits to the hospital for dressing changes but the length will get longer with each visit.

they think she will be able to grab and hold things and let them go, and thats where it will end. lots of phiso and then some decisions about the next stage to make later this year.

thanks to everyone one that sent things, prayers, thoughts and wishes....all was used.. :)
im feeling more pos today...tired but pos!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


during her tlc visitusing some of the craft items they shared with us. and the travel take anywhere magna doodle board.....not pictured more hi5 than i know what to do with hehe

this must be about 10 days ago now....she is looking so much better now....and is currently upstairs moving all over the cot hehe and playing with her sister.

skin graft TOMORROW!

Monday, July 21, 2008


15 days since the accident
15 days of not sleeping
15 days of worry
15 days of being so scared i cant describe it
15 days of panadol, nurofen, tramadol, morphine, drip lines and endo (something or other)
15 days and 7 surgeries, 7 anesthetics (sp), 7 visits to pre-op and recovery
15 days of wishing this didnt happen, of wishing i could go back and change something and of wishing i had my family at home and safe and sound and WHOLE!
15 days of actually understanding things like drains, central lines, iv's, what different drugs do (information i could of done without.
15 days of complete emotional breakdown, and some days its very PUBLIC

im a little over hospital and the whole thing.
we were finally moved to the right ward after surgery this morning so thats a good sign. (and finally meaning that i will be able to see our dr's each and everyday when they do rounds in the mornings, instead of being left out for at some point later that day!)
we had surgery this morning more looking, but a yes we will graft on Wednesday if it all continues as is. its looking good (whatever that means!) after the graft we should be out in 5 days...but i say SHOULD...who would know really. I wont let myself think of home until im actually there!

miss lilly is doing ok, they came down yesterday and i spent the night with lilly and we cooked and did normal things together. she will go back on tuesday night for preschool on wednesday and then come back on sunday with daddy again, if i dont need a break before then, which im going to say i probably will. miss emily is in good spirits, she was giggling before surgery and joking around which was very nice.....she is currently asleep, which is nice as she isnt sleeping at night much at all.

we r now located on 4 main, room 6 if your looking for us.
otherwise we r going ok, and things r progesing in the right way.

Friday, July 18, 2008


emily's surgery today was more wait and see

hoping for monday or wednesday for the final in this series of ops

she had to have a central line put in today, which sent me on a bit of an emotional thing...but thats going to keep happening

more info about our follow up surgeries in the coming year and next
a bit of work for her thumb movement will be done
muscle work and a flap at a later stage.

so that means for this first part....just skin grafting.

take care family will be here over the dont worry if i dont post or answer emails

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a new day

and a break from her drip line!!! woohoo, morphine was turned off this morning and they said she could be drip free except for her anti's! small things mean ALOT atm!
she is so happy just dealing with her drain tube only, we have been up and in the wheelchair and sat out of bed for breakfast....EXTREMELY early this morning i might point out!
she is currently with the play therapy girl, a lovely job she has, bringing smiles to the faces of bed stuck kids.
this afternoon im hoping to get her in a real bath, but its still up for question. and then we r off to the starlight foundation room....the starlight express room, for a bit of play, craft and not being in her cot. im looking forward to it as much as she is! or thou i will need some very strong coffee to make it through the day i think!

op yesterday went ok, getting very ready for the skin graft...they have been waiting for the healing of the wound to start naturally because thats really great for the graft to take...and it started woohoo...we r in again on friday, they cant say one way or the other what will happen in the op, the chief of hand and microsurgery needs a look first...but she could just come out of that surgery with the first of the grafting done if things continue down this path, if they dont they will have to create a flap which will have fatty tissue, muscle and all sorts of things in it and then the graft on that. then a few days in a HEATED room (a very hot room they tell me) and its the rolls royce of plastic surgery so impressed by plastics...its so much more than boobs and noses.....its an impressive thing to be part of.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

all going well

with no real news to update

surgery must of gone well this morning but the dr's raced right into another case and i havent seen them to find out....crossing fingers for the next step to start from now!

chris they are chasing up the has apparently arrived here we just havent seen me so i know what it is

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

not enough hours in a day

there never seems to be enough time to get a picture off a phone or a camera and load it into the blog!!!!!
i shutdown my phone internet when they girls turned it on, so i cant email it to myself either...big bugger!!! I will try again .

emily is doing great today, she is her old self, so cheeky and playing, drawing on herself and giggling at nice to see!!! all her pain meds where lowered today to basic nurofen and panadol of which she is sick of taking and spits all over me nearly every time! but thats ok she is currently asleep after a pretty bad sleeping night for us both....she didnt go to sleep until 12midnight!!!!!!!! i so dont think so, and then woke just a few short hours later and i had to get in bed with her to get her to go back to hating the thought of putting bedtime back in place!!
lilly went home for a few days this morning which will include her going back to preschool.

me im actually feeling ok today, my heart is being slowly healed with giggles, kuggles and general emily-ness hehehe

one little thing i found out but have no memory of at all is that dan was also dragged under the truck...i had no idea until he sat with me because not being able to remember properly was really stressing me out. so yep how he wasnt injured too is a miracle in itself.

more surgery tomorrow, hoping for early but have warned it could be afternoon....and will let me know after 9am. im hoping the tiny light i can see at the end of the tunnel will be a little bit bigger tomorrow

thankyou to miss chrissy and the scrap heap girls for the lovely flowers we recieved this morning and to my sisterinlaw...the fruit and other bits is keeping me alive as i just cant get to a supermarket now until the weekend...thankyou so much

and just one more thing......emily is moving her fingers!!! on her own and when asked....clearly we cant assess the function until the breaks heal...but the movement is prayer or wish answered!

Monday, July 14, 2008

taking a quick break

while emily is sleeping!! woohoo
surgery this morning went well...they took no more of her soft tissue, and while one part still has a question they r hopeful we r reaching the end of that road.
one more looks see on wednesday and some skin grafting starting we hope on friday!!!! so that will be goal one realised for me....then on to goal two...going home for just a week and then back for a day or so and then home for 2 weeks and back...will go on like that for quite some time. then moving onto some of the other surgery that is in her future.

i wanted to share a pic today....and i will try to do it later on to night, this m orning we ran out of the house when emilys surgery was bought forward, i didnt get to see her before surgery which didnt give me a good start to the day, but it was for the least part over quickly with some promising news of moving forward.

we recieved a lovely parcel from u this morning...THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH
my girls were so excited to see the parcel and the little presents inside them.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

TLC for Kids

an organisation that visited us yesterday, its a little bit like make a wish, but for kids in our position, with long hospital stays ahead of them, far from home and with alot of visits back to the hospital.
anyway the lovely care nurse referred our family to TLC. Friday at 2pm, my children were spoilt beyond belief. They both received portable dvd players, emily received 12 tv dvds, which is all she wants to watch atm, and a bag of craft materials. Lilly received a few dvds for her player, and the biggest bag of keep me entertained craft materials u could imagine! I do have a photo of emily sitting up in bed looking at her goodies, and i will come back and share it as soon as i have my usb stick here to bring it over. she looked at me and kept saying WOW. It was amazing.

emily was back to the OR yesterday, for another clean and check of her site, all is looking a little better again. We still have another 1 or 2 of these to go before they entertain the thought of the final surgery, they need to make sure they have gotten rid of everything that will die and to also give everything a chance to survive thats going too. Its a long road and its taking its toll. I had a major melt down last night. I really feel like i never have enough information, but when im being told the information it feels like the questions r answered. until later that is. This surgery when they recast her arm it didnt go up high enough and in the middle of the night while she was in pain and thrashing around in the bed i freaked out because we were told above her elbow was another small fracture, all her casts until now covered this....yesterday it didnt, at first i didnt really notice it as she was asleep and not really moving around. later on it was a huge issue to me, why didnt it cover her top break??? i had to be taken from the ward to calm down, i was in tears and a basic mess...i worried all night and most of the morning, kept asking, recieved minimal answers, until finally someone ordered yesterdays OR xrays be sent up...doesnt look like there is a break above the elbow....why the F*&K didnt they tell me that!!!!!!!! it would of saved everyone a whole lot of pain and suffering last night. i think we r all a little over it!

my mum goes home tonight, so i am swapping with daniel tonight so i can spend some time with lilly before my dad takes her back home for a few days so she can go to preschool on wednesday and do a few normal things. I dont know how to thank my mum who jumped a flight monday night from townsville, to be with us before emily was out of her first surgery, and has stepped up for me in every way. Thankyou just doesnt seem to cut it. My dad is currently driving with my step mother through the countryside to us to spend the next little while with us. I dont know what i would do without any of you! Travel safely

daniel is back today looking forward to seeing him.

as of yesterday the plan for emily is too
monday surgery, recheck clean and redress her arm
followed by what we hope to be the last one of those a few days later
which will lead us to the end of the week.
maybe before the weekend or the following monday 2 weeks after all this happened they will start the initial reconstructive work, with a graft and flap created for her arm. we will then have a week in hospital after this. for recovery. she will go home with a pressure suit on her arm. and we will be back a few weeks after that to look at the breaks and make sure they healed. and to work on the next part of the plan...muscles and making the skin on her arm look as normal as it is possible. all of this is going to blow out to be YEARS, they tell me, but the breaks between surgery will be a long time.

if anyone wants to contact me personally
i am checking it pretty much daily again.

Friday, July 11, 2008


im so tired today and pretty emotional...its not a good day for me
dan will be in today so that i will hopefully get some type of better sleep tonight and to spend some time with lilly who i am also desperately worried about, she is such a great helper through all this but she really needs some time with a parent, so we r going to make some lunch together today over in the house kitchen and attempt to do something that is very normal for her.

emily recovered well from last nights LATE op....we didnt get back on the ward until after 11 and then by the time we were handed back over, fed her and gave her water and then worked out she needed some more pain relief it was well after 1 before i finally got to pull out my bed, and then of course the ward was very noisy last time with lots of crying babies (who i really felt for, but i didnt cope well with) obviously the staff r a little worried about me too at this point. They have organised a volunteer to sit with emily and play so that i can have a break, right now! and are going to keep doing this so i can get myself organised after next week when my wonderful mother goes home, and my wonderful dad takes lilly home for a bit so she can get a bit of normal life stuff going on. im suffering from all my food issues too atm, not being able to cook for myself is an issue. so im going to have to do something to get this all fixed up, starting with some food shopping today and cooking some things i can freeze.

an emily update....last night she lost a little more tissue off the top of the arm, but it was minimal....whats left is expected to make it all going to the only plan i will accept! surgery was quick!!! which was very nice. at this point we r now surgery free for 48 hours!...48 hours of food for emily WOOHOO!, she will then go in EARLY on sunday for the same op as yesterday again. They have decided to slowly move forward, because the tissue that is left is showing so much promise they want to use as much of that as possible. so while it sounds worse that we will be here longer its actually better for emily. a smaller graft and flap to be created i hope.

long term we had some news last night.....she will of at this point only lost the ability to open her fingers up and out, but will have movement to her hand and her fingers will have some too, we dont know what at this point, but its hopeful that can be improved too. Its this function that will be repaired a little bit later on. with muscle reconstruction using a muscle from her leg they think. I HOPE.

again all this information changes daily for will be interesting to read all the changes in the future when we move past this.
sorry if u found it hard to read through the dribble...this is a bit of therapy for me and a way to get my feelings out a bit and work it on my own.

i hope all your families are well and again we r so thankfully to read all your messages and are feeling very cared for.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

yesterdays op

was very long...we ended up back on the ward at about 10:30ish last night
emily had a pretty restful night, mostly thanks to the iv drugs. im sure

updates after the op
in no way was the new the best u could of heard or was it the worst we could of heard. the best team of plastics doctors and bone doctors r working on saving her arm.

last night they cleaned the site, and removed alot of what isnt going to make it. this included some skin and a large amount of muscle and soft tissues. they started on the reconstruction of her arm by attaching what was left of the muscles etc to the parts of her hand. Her wrist was stablised with one wire and its hopeful that it will recover better than first thought. we have no sure answers things change from one op or hour to the next for us atm.

the plan for now and could change tonight is to go back to surgery tonight to redress and check on her arm...its still open and has a drainage tube which we were told was the best way they could of done it as its sucking away what we dont want left there to cause infection. and gives a clue as to what is going on at the site on the outside of her cast. if things r progressing as hoped tomorrow will involve a large operation and some skin grafting (sp?) to cover the large area over her left forearm.

i guess i will know more tonight
at this point we r working towards getting her ready to go home in about a week and a half to be left to heal and then we will be back for further assessment and more decisions about the reconstructive surgery that will occur when they know the full extent of the movement she will have back. Reconstructive surgery will involve taking a muscle from her leg to put into her forearm...while this arm is never going to be the same again its hopeful that it will be useful for her and therefore worth doing as much as possible to save. this is the only path i can consider at the moment...its the positive path for me, i know the worst outcome will be loss of the arm, but i refuse to entertain the thought! we need a miracle now.

i did sleep last night but well after midnight, my mind couldnt focus on anything from the last few days, i guess, i feel better about whats ahead and that we can achieve it. Im still going to pieces when left alone for to long and this morning during her blood test which was just horrible for her.
but i just left her with my wonderful wonderful mother so i could go have a shower and she was sitting up in bed eating the last of what she is allowed for tonights op. and bossing us all around to blow bubbles and put on hi5. children amaze me!

daniel will be here for the big op tomorrow and then home again and then back. the logistics of working through home being so far away and dan still having to work are a nightmare.

i will have more news tomorrow
we appreciate all your prayers, thoughts and wishes...thankyou

just adding in...we r being transfered to a plastics ward tonight for emilys care after her big op tomorrow....4 main but im unsure of any other details about it at the moment. hospital switch should be able to give u information if your calling until i get hold of more information

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

a little more news

in surgery as i type
after 2 hours we were just told they r attempting some repairs and stablisation that will take a further few hours from now.
i dont know why im here...i really just needed to read your comments all again
im feeling very helpless, worried beyond words and not functioning on any level at all
my mum wanted me to go and eat...i cant...and to at least have a break...i feel worse here so im going back upstairs. will update in the morning
we r in for a very long hospital stay


thankyou so much, you all have no idea what it felt like to log in this morning to the 30 messages of love and support, knowing that you are all thinking of my girl helps in every way. thankyou to those that can offer actual help...i have no idea what i do or dont need and feel totally unable to make decisions beyond whats happening with emily and our third party claim that i had to start...thankfully the social workers at the hospital are now acting on my behalf for the most part. at some point i will actually check my real email...maybe tomorrow.

emily had a great night with a fairly good sleep. i am suffering from fairly frequent and violent flash backs of the whole accident as if someone was showing me footage with surround sound. im not sleeping well and when i finally do i wake with a fright every half hour or spent totally. and really dont know what direction to go in for anything.

emily is now fasting for another operation in the early part of the afternoon, i know she needs them, but the idea of another operation so close to the one we have just had fills me with a dread that i cant describe. More wound checking, tissue to deal with and a reset of the fracture now the swelling is kind of less...well its less in her fingers. A check of the nerves and maybe a closure of the actual wound. Unsure at this point....i understand they cant tell us much, i understand her injuries r bad and rare....i just want someone to tell me that she can be left be for a little while to heal and then face some more surgery for her wrist...if they dont close the wound today we will still have one more visit to threatre before any healing can start to happen. the worst thing i have ever done in my life till now is all of this. watching your child put to sleep for an operation is about the worse thing i have ever seen...or suffered through...and followed by the not knowing what is happening or how she is just not good.

on the plus side emily has gone for a little walk this morning and been sitting up in bed, watching tv, playing with toys and demanding cuddles...about the best things i have ever seen or heard in my life.

on the plus side the hospital is fantastic, we are all very well looked after and ronald mcdonald house u never want to have to use things like this but knowing that its there and lilly is safe over there with my mum is a huge comfort to me. i will never walk past a mcdonalds without donating ever again.

i dont have a charger for my will go at some point today...if u cant get ahold of us that is why...if u need us just ring the hospital to find us....royal childrens melbourne, ward 4 north.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

what do u say

Its one of those posts u never want to read about on peoples blogs that you know.
some of you will be finding this information out for the first time that actually deserved to know by phone, im sorry as u can imagine im not functioning on any level of goodness at all. in fact the last 30 hours or so have gone in a bit of a blur.

that lovely few days away with my family in the snow field was turned into a nightmare on monday morning at 11:15 when a truck backed over our beautiful miss emily. I hear u thinking how and oh my god. emily is alive, and in royal childrens hospital melbourne.

we were standing at the back of our car getting out equipment. Dan had emily in front of him shelding her from the road and i was next the them and then lilly beside me. i little bit away was a reversing truck off the side of the road in the car parking area. the truck should not of been there. I didnt see the truck until dan was pushing me out of the way. I pushed lilly out of the way and tripped on equipment that was at our feet and couldnt turn around the get emily and dan couldnt pick her up quick enough. emily ended up pinned under the truck by her left leg and arm. the following moments only come to me in flashes and are full of horror, screaming and everything in between.

we were all transported to hotham medical centre and the full extent of injuries was discovered, i collapsed with shock at this point. and didnt see emily for about an hour but was keep up to date with what was happening. I think i only came around when they told me i had to keep it together so would be allowed to be air vac'ed out with emily. it took some time for them to stablise emily and work out what was going on. At this point we were told her leg was possibly broken and her arm crushed with concern for her blood refill in her hand. The plan was then to be road transported to the hotham airport for air evac to melbourne. this all started at about 20 to 1. we were in the plane on our way by 1pm to melbourne. more ambulance transfers and finally ending up in the hospital at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. By this time the worry was morea bout her wrist and not the blood refill therefore meaning she would keep her hand! emily has been seen by every bone dr in the place i think, and was x rayed until the cows came home. her leg unbelieveably is not broken or damaged beyond swelling and brusing. her arm is broken in 3 places one compound and 2 spiral which at this point we r being told will all heal with nothing more than a cast. HER WRIST is very damaged and face a long long road to recovery with many surgeries. She has a large laceration across her arm that is very scary to see and as of yet has been left open. Last night we had her first surgery mainly for her wrist be also to get a good looko at whats going on. There is some concern over her skin which while in tact was ripped from the tissue underneath. that will give a whole lot more problems and time in the hospital. At this point we face more surgery tomorrow or the next day at this stage. and anywhere from a week to a month in hospital with future visits and rehab on going.
we r staying with the wonderful ronald mcdonald house for the forseeable future at this point.
i will update my blog over the course of the week ahead with updates on whats happening here with us. i have opened my comments up to be just left without approval.
i dont know what to say or how to end phyiscalled we r ok except for emily, emotionally we r all a mess and have asked for some councilling at some point next week....ive been told today i have post trumatic stress so im not thinking well at all

Friday, July 04, 2008

sovereign hill

yesterday we went out to be tourists, its the best part about living in a new area...there is so much to see and do that u wouldnt normally bother to do....we always have plenty to do in ballarat when we visit that always has more to do with shopping and getting the things we cant get at home. yesterday we made a point of going early and then doing something for the kids.

lilly had fun as usual with all the activitys u can do, here she is with her dad panning(sp?) for gold, u will notice that dan is holding on to her lol, for fear of her falling into that cold cold water. Yesterday was so cold to be out playing in water, but we were not the only silly ones!

the snow slide was a heap of fun! lol, we had to drag her off after her 3rd line up and slide lol. I was sure that she would get up to the top and turn around and say no way, but she didnt she got on and had a blast! her first words before the first side was even over as she came down was i want another turn funny

yes miss emily was there, she has a cold so didnt get to play with the snow much, and of course in turn 2 year old fashion i have shocking photos of her while she spent her few minutes playing in the snow pit! she wont look at me at the moment when i have the camera. i only got this one when i asked what she had...she promptly told me she had ch-late, we had no idea she could even say anything remotely sounding like chocolate hence the look on dans face lol

her language atm is so cute (just some things i guess for me, i want to remember her language, its so different to lilly at the same age.)

kuggle - cuddle its somewhere before a hug and a cuddle lol

wota - which is a fairly common one for water

ch-late - chocolate

hobbie - our dog hobbes

she is just starting to get her tounge around lilly and sister

and says things like up, no, here are, wheres daddy, drink, poo (of which she promptly ___?___ whatever she wants, me ummm oh she says so many things i cant think of them now.

she actually has so much more language than lilly did at her age it amazes me

mel has the felt food up on her blog if your interested link in side bar, i still havent had the time to make mine but i will by next weekend im sure. and the kitchen hasnt started yet, but we have it all sitting here

will be away for a few days from now, we are snow fields bound sunday monday tuesday. Actually we chose to stay at the bottom of the mt buffalo, in an affordable self contained cottage, and r pretty much between buffalo and hotham...we have never been before but are looking forward to it.

have a good weekend and start of the week everyone

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Its amazing

what being inspired by others can do!

was on Mel Goodsells blog this morning. its quickly become one of my favs to visit a number of times a week. anyway she had used up some towels to make some dishclothes. That started me thinking about my store of cloth nappies that we no longer use. I wouldnt give them to anyone and i dont expect we will use them for more babies so i cut a few up, and made them into dishclothes. i stitched two 8 x 8in pieces of the cloth together and then used some binding on the edges. (i did get in trouble from my dh for making them pretty when they would be used to mop up hehe)
while making the dishclothes i was looking at the scraps and thinking about mels next post which will be a felt food tutorial, this lead to me thinking about emilys birthday. We are getting her a kitchen for her birthday (more on that later as we r making it) and i want to make some of this felt food for her birthday, today i started on her birthday present by making her a kitchen set hehe...she has two dishclothes, 2 teatowels and some oven mits all made out of the scraps from my dishclothes for the actual kitchen.

dont u think they will look cute all hung up on her little kitchen.

i have been getting a collection of knitting needles that were all just floating around the house. So i created this folder for them. Dont look too closely its not great sewing i should of stopped i had had enough after the little set i made for emily...but i am glad i did it, its already in use. Im planning on adding a page to the middle to hold some of the other things i have gotten to aid my knitting as well as having a few extra needle holders there

ok i will be back later in the week to show off some of the progress we hope to make on emily's kitchen, we r getting all the wood precut for it tomorrow. wish us luck, we r hoping a little knowledge will go a long way! hehe and with some felt food too