Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hi everyone
You will notice that i changed to a beta blog this month. Its all still a little new.
I have had a very busy month but it had nothing to do with scrapbooking sadly!

I had two online classes in november, the second one was put off a week while we waited for stock to arrive and will go ahead this saturday. I have been busy working on this months classes as well. But we have a change to the running of classes. I usually have you pay and then send you the instructions to the kits via email. From this month you will be given access to my classroom blog once payment is recieved. The instructions for the class will be released a week before the class and be available on the classroom blog for another week afterwards. I made this change so that I can include more photos making the file overall bigger and harder to release over email only. You will be able to cut and paste the text into a word document if you choose to once its available. We will continue using the messenger for the live part of the classes.

Double page madness *1 Date: 16th Dec

Mixing things up this month with a double page layout. And looking at creating a background from paint instead of a pattern paper. We will use a mask and dry brushing in this class. A sketch will be availabe in the classroom blog from this class also. And if you would prefer papers of a particular colour with matching embellishments let me know and i can alter your kit to be green or pink depending on your photos.

Access to classroom blog and instructions : $5
Basic kit (including the heidi swapp daisy mask) : $9
Additional items: paint : $4.65
Letter kit: $25.85
Please add postage : $5

Christmas fun DATE: 9th Dec

This months second class is a christmas decoration. A beautiful wreath to hang at your front door to wish neighbours a merry christmas. This lovely wreath is so easy to get together and uses chipboard as a base.

Access to classroom blog and instructions : $5
Basic kit : $5
Please add postable : $5

January Online Class
Get ready for some fun. Sometimes January is the time for a short break or holiday and i dont know about you but i immediatly think of scrapbooking and NOW please. Because of this January Online Class will be pumped up and bluging at the sides. For just $10 you will have access to the classroom for the whole month. Your $10 will include instructions to 2 christmas layouts and other bits and pieces along the way and all end on the last weekend of january with a live summer based layout taught using msn. All kits for the layouts will be available as usual at the start of January. You could even think about giving this as a christmas gift. A gift voucher for classes would allow that person access to the classroom for the month. A printable email voucher would be sent to you to pass on as a gift. January newsletter will go out towards the end of December but I will be accepting bookings to the January online classes from tomorrow. But the classroom for January will not be active until the 1st of that month. Sneak peaks of the ideas to come....: )

Selling now
Basic Grey LillyKate and Gypsy $1.50 reduced to $1.40
or a surprise pack of 4 papers for $5.50

Remember that I will available to teach in your home to your friends. You only need 5 friends for me to come out to you. Queensland based of course. It costs $10 which includes the papers used in the class. The shop comes with me for the day as well as cutters and tools for you all to use.

Well it think that about does it.
I hope that everyone has a very merry christmas. See you all in class.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

i failed

i couldnt do it clean has sort of happened...i can see the colour of my desk...both of them so thats a start...but i just didnt get to the floor and fixing my albums that lilly has taken a liking to and they r all lieing on top of each crossing my fingers that maybe tomorrow might be the day...i may of failed the time frame but i will clean up this pit!! lol

how did everyone else go???

Saturday, November 18, 2006

PPP dare

i have to say i knew dare sites were around but until the last 2 weeks i never knew how much fun it was.
this is my ppp dare...everything had to start with a p
so heres my tally

purple stitches: 1000 (av...i counted one side and multiplied as it was doing my eyes in lol)
purple seed beads 254
p words 4
purple inked journalling stripes with a purple pen 5
purple flowers 7
purple cardstocks 2
purple inked pattern paper 3
purple buttons 3
pruple brads 2
purple flower eyelets 3
purple covered eyelets 3
purple ribbon 2
purple heart brad 1
chipboard purple heart 1
purple fabric corner 1
1291 as my grand total
not bad lol

Friday, November 17, 2006

its a disaster i know

would u get a look at my scrap space!! oh my god...the mess its breading in here i u can guess i havent created much this could i really!! lol


my challenge for u all (and there is a lovely rak involved hehe) is to share a before and after picture on your blog of your disaster zone of a scrap space, the inside of your bag where u keep it whatever u do. Im going to give myself and u 7 days to organise and clean up!! hehe...this challenge i really need otherwise its just going to keep growing...when its up on your blog remember to come and leave a comment so we can go and see your new improved space and next friday morning i will pop everyones names in a hat and draw out one to recieve a rak
i will post a pic of the rak over the weekend.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

world wide dare

heres something i worked on this week..its my dare layout
it had to be a childhood memory, cover the page, have paint and the title had to be on the photo

Sunday, November 05, 2006


i dont know if u can call it that when your only there for the day
but i had a blast.
thanks to all the girls at bb's scrapbooking retreat...i cant believe the scrapping I got done while having the shop open and everything. There are some real talents within this group. I cant wait until next time.

this is what i got done...6 pages in total...but they all didnt scan properly i dont have time to fix the other one now.. :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


well we finally started out back yard landscaping yesterday. We moved the sand into the garden beds the help break down the clay in our yard and had so much sand that we decided it was high time we built a really sandpit. Lilly had kindy yesterday so didnt get to see the new sandpit until this morning...she was so happy to see a bigger better sandpit in her very own backyard!!! And even thou dan is tired and sore from starting the landscaping (u will notice we still have a long long way to go) he went out there with her this morning and sat in the sandpit just because she asked him sweet.