Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This month i had the pleasure of being a guest dt on scrapbooking downunder I got to work with some around the block papers and embellishments. Beautiful papers to work with.. :) Thanks to tina and her team for having me this month
This is what I created for Tina....i had the challenge of my layout being based on this quote.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." Mother Teresa

my layout contains some hidden journalling for my girls to oneday find
"This quote when I thought about it , really made me think of parenting and how true it is here. We have bad days like any family but I always tell my girls how beautiful and kind they are (especially to each other), I always say they are special and tell them I love them. Aand on those bad days they have learn't adults say sorry too!"

this was a great layout to do , really made me think about parenting and how i speak to them
the photo of my girls is only about 2 weeks old too..> :)
i thinki had one of those parent/family moments today that you dream of when you dont have a family. Lilly my eldest has 3 favourite books, we must read them at bed time each and every night...Toffee in trouble, Come on, Daisy and Who sank the boat (only recently added to the list of nightly reading)
Tonight emily was awake at bed time so i had lilly bring her books out to the lounge cause if i leave emily that close to her own bed time she SCREAMS THE HOUSE DOWN!....we the nightly reading saw us all tucked up under a blanket so sweet
after i finished reading to lilly...lilly wanted to read them to me...she is 4 so i really thought she would just talk about the pictures and lose track half way through and wander off....but no she didnt...she remembers the stories by heart and reads them with the right pictures...it was the cutest thing, she even used all the big hard words and i could see her thinking about what she was saying, and the cutest thing of all...i always talk to her through the books about why toffee is in trouble...one if daisy is scared being all alone...she asked me the questions! so sweet i love this time of night!...i just had to share...i am shocked by now much she has learnt in her day to day life with what feels to be no effort on my behalf....my dh would tell u that isnt true as im always talking to her and asking her questions like what colours she is looking at or numbers etc, but its nice to now that little effort is paying off.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I just recieved a development email that i was getting while i was pregnant with emily and then it changed into child development
it just told me in just over a month i will have a one year old!
now im a little sad, its ok that lilly will be 4 just 2 weeks after emilys birthday...it is not however ok that my baby is going to be one!....where did the first year of her life go...its like i went to sleep and woke up the mother of a nearly one year old! When your feeling that your family is complete im more emotional about her turning one that I ever thought I could be. I want to celebrate it, but there is this part of me that is breaking and going this is the last time...:( I have so loved this stage of my life. Having babies is wonderful...but i feel like we have what was meant for us. We have to work so hard to get pregnant and then i have such issues in the last month as the baby gets bigger and my body packs it in and i cant lie and say its been easy as i get older (Emily is a dream baby or was a dream baby) but i have felt every single sleepless night this time around. for me right now...there is just something very bittersweet about this birthday all the first she has shared with us over the last year there isnt many times in your life that you get to do all these things is there.
anyway my dh doesnt get it...he is happy to move into the new stage in her life and celebrate it...i want to be ok but im sort of greiving i think this part of my life was a dream come true, i guess its now time to live the dream in the next chapter

Sunday, June 17, 2007

some news

Some news was announced this morning over at memory bugs
I made the 2007 DT...so im looking forward to doing some aussie dt work this coming year. Congrats to the other girls that made the team with me. Looking forward to getting to know you. and a big thankyou to the outgoing team, boy do we have some shoes to fill.

Ive been doing some work for a guest spot i have coming up, but i cant share yet. And some work for scrapbooking by design, which has a monthly kit that this month features lil Davis papers and they r NICE!

So pretty and all double sided too. Loving double sided papers atm. Heres what i created with them. I love this photo of youngest and dh.. :) The quote reads loving a child is circular business, the more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you want to give. Sourced from two peas. and my tip for doing any circular sewing on the machine. I stitched the flowers around and around first before i stuck them down...it was so easy i was saying drr jacqui

Monday, June 11, 2007

a winner and my weekend!

first up the winner of my little RAK
was shell honig
Shell if you want to email me on morethanjustscrapbooking@gmail.com with your details i will get your little note book in the post.
thanks for all the tips people put in the comments it was interesting to read what other people wanted in classes. Something i took from the weekend at the convention was that a little give away was nice!.

my weekend
off to the convention on saturday. I had a great day. Got there about 9 and wondered off to find my classroom. Dumped my heavy bag and had about 15 minutes before class started. I found the scrapbook creations stand with the display of colour competition layouts in it. And to my delight i found my layout to be up on the wall as a finalist and the comp, along with chris millar and michelle grant. Michelle was a runner up...congratulations michelle your layout was beautiful.
Here are the pink and green layouts up on the wall

thats my layout in the top row to the left. me and my beautiful lilly. (thanks to chris for the pic of the display its nice to have.) these are the pink and green finalist. see the green and black on chris's blog . Heres a close up of my layout

its given me a vote of confidence one needs before sending in your masters entry!

until next time


oh ps anyone in the flood zones i hope your all ok and things are starting to improve for you

Thursday, June 07, 2007

new blog

check out this new blog

its a chance to share all those btp projects we do
competition and prizes coming

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


well ive never done this with my blog

but i was doing a scrapbooking class on journalling tomorrow that was cancelled due to numbers and i had made these felt covered notepads for the people in my class. Anyway when i have classes cancelled it always makes me ponder what i can do to reinvent my classes so that people enjoy them more and get value for money.

so instead of just thinking about what i like in classes im asking you guys. Leave me a comment before 10th june on what you like in your scrapbooking classes and i will put everyones name into a hat and draw out the name of someone to recieve the little felt notepads i have.

Im a little sad that i cant give these notepads to the people intended but thats ok, i will have 4 left after this little rak so i think i might lucky door them at the next class i have so that my class girls still get to enjoy them...i love felt atm its so fun to work with

remember i will do the draw at some point on the 10th june