Monday, January 29, 2007


well is it hot enough for us all!!!
i know the next big purchase we make with be airconditioning
at this stage thinking about ducted...but my god HOT
my poor miss emily has not coped well with the heat at all today
she has been attached to the boob in one way or another all day and when she wasnt she was a very unhappy baby!! its like come on u would be so much cooler on the floor but no no...poor little poppet and she sweated so much today because she wouldnt let me put her down but in a strange way i was sort of happy she was feeding so least i knew she was hydrated! Needless to say that i had a very hot and uncomforable day and the only time i was cool was at the gym this morning!! i know a family that will be spending the day at the shops tomorrow if this heat doesnt go anything for an airconditioner

Friday, January 19, 2007

been on holidays

just spent the most fantastic week on the gold coast in sunny qld
i love it down mum has a time share unit and this year we were given the opportunity to use it again...we have done this holiday many times in the past...but its always just as relaxing as ever. The beach is right across the road and we had beach views...i just love the sound of the waves as u go to sleep...i spent my week by the pool with a book or watching dan and lilly at the beach...emmy loved the water in the pool...but didnt think much of the right there with her...i didnt even go swimming at the beach (would rather be in a pool) and i was covered in the stuff.

dan took lilly to dreamworld on monday and she was beside herself...she had so much fun...and free for her too as she is still under 4 woohoo!!...i will upload some pics in a few days when we r unpacked

as for the suffered of course...but thats what holidays r for...back to normal this week being home and all!!!

i actually came home to a lovely surprise from my friend suzanne...that left us today to move up north to do her country wonderful friend had left a photo of us together at my front door and a beautiful note...thanks was such a lovely thing to come home going to miss u this year.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


well i have to admit after last week i didnt expect much this week
then i watched operh (sp) and well the life of a stay at home mum was fully lived lol...i dont usually watch her but she had a weight loss guy on...he was talking about water weight when u first start a diet and how u really shouldnt weigh yourself for the first 2 months until u actually really start to lose weight...i understood what he means but i cant do it...i need the scales as motivation!!!

so starting wieght this week
weight in
total weight loss
even 3kg

not bad i say for only 2 weeks
i have been this week fighting cravings which is horrible...but so want to say until i go on holidays next week to have just one naughty meal
my check in will be late next week...on holidays...home on friday so i will check in then...good or bad...its on holidays!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

time for a change

and look i got real clever this monring and finally with the help of a great blog sorted out my banner...thankfully i will never have to do that again lol...but im so happy i have wanted for ages
and the brushes in my banner r from jason galyor...fantastic brushes there

other things
been married 7 years
emmy had her injections
a nice layed back sort of day
while dan had emmy at the doctor...yes im a chicken when it comes to needles...i spent some time with lilly on her own something i havent done in months!!!...actually since emmy was born and lilly was such a pleasure too...we went and did some girly shopping and she came home with nail polish and lip gloss in one of those kits for little cute!! and we had lunch...i miss my time with just lilly so much that i have to make sure she get some...i have so much time with just emily which i love...but i miss my oldest too and the time we spent together before emmy was here so i guess thats something i want to achieve this second goal after weight that emmy is that little bit older and can go for a while without needing me is to spend some mum time with just lilly.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


wow...what a week...before i reveal my loss for this week i want to impress upon u all that YES i did eat and eat and i was a little shocked to get on the scales this morning really not expecting much after what i had actually lost this week...but i was in for a shock....actually breastfeeding my youngest let me eat more than the basic diet too...and i didnt really watch the oil i used to cook with and even had 25gms of corn chips yesterday as my indulgence for the week. I think what makes this diet different is you have to eat fresh veg, fruit and meat...unlike weight watchers where i could eat wrong but still within the points value...ok so here goes my check in for week 1

starting weight 97.2
week one weight 94.8
total weight loss 2.4 kg....

i know i know colour me shocked i can tell u...and i havent excised this week either...gym has been shut but opens today so i will be off up there this afternoon. Im so inspirered by this diet its great...i dont think i have eaten so well...not that we normaly eat a diet of junk either...but im meeting all the targets for veg and fruit a day and i have never done that before.

thanks for reading...if anyone wants to join my weekly weigh in please post a comment and we can travel this path together...believe me i know its hard but it makes me want success because u can all see it.. :)

Monday, January 01, 2007


wow everyone Happy New Year

Didnt that come up on us quickly.

I spend most of december getting ready for christmas, but scrapping wise got it ready creating the projects for New Year Madness which has now gone active. Its not to late to join in the fun and be part of all the online madness as it all started today and everything will be left on the blog until the end of the month. Heres a sneak peak of some of the things we will be working on over the month in the workshop.

Being that its a new daughter a little older I am now looking to expand the workshop side of the business by offering workshops in homes. Please contact me via email I will go anywhere over brisbane.
In march im off to do some making memories classes so Im hopeful that i will have some interesting new ideas to share with you all too.
Feb workshops I say wanted the sample prepared by now but new year madness took over. The layouts (two of them) will all be based around a love theme. Being the month of love. And will be avaliable in the workshop starting with a live class from 10th at 8pm.
The second Feb workshops
Will be instructions to 2 double layouts to be completed in 2 hours.
Pictures will come later on today I hope to have the time..: )
Ok thats about it for me...enjoy your new years day