Thursday, August 31, 2006

my beautiful girls

my wonderful friend chris millar took these beautiful photos on tuesday
i just love them they r so wonderful...thank you so much chris

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


ive been waiting for august for the longest time...not only did we welcome emily but it was also lillys 3rd birthday...yesterday i couldnt believe in just a few short hours my big baby would be 3...where have the last 3 years gone i have no idea. she doesnt look any different this morning still the same little girl i love dearly but i still cant believe she is 3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

new basic grey

is so so YUMMMMMMY
esp if u have a baby girl in the house hehehe
it amazes me just how many photos i have to scrap and yet i just had to print out this photo of emily and get it done above all else...i guess she has about 20 scrapbooks to catch up to lilly...hehe u know people asked me if i would scrap them the same so that in years to come they dont feel left out of the scrapbooking fun...i said of course!!...i dont think they believed me but at the moment i just cant help myself..those newborn photos are just so cute!!!!
anyway...i love how the delicate edges occured with the tiny hole punch it took me ages but the overall look i just love not often i would say that about my pages. Maybe its the content hehe...a mothers eyes...lucky we get them because people always say how most babies look the same unless they r your own.

Friday, August 18, 2006

emily one week old

well how fast one week goes!!!
today my baby girl was one week old...this time last week i was in recovery watching my baby suck her fist and not being able to get at her to attach her for a first feed. They would not take her out of the crib...but oh was only 40 minutes later that she got what she wanted when we were all back up on the ward

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


try the photo again...not sure what happened there

emily deborah is here

just a few days earlier than expected my beautiful daughter made her entrance into the world, so not like we expected her to but she is safe and here. I went into hospital on tuesday last week with some high blood pressure that played around for a few days on thursday i was induced which failed and on friday i had a c section delivery which was an extremely strange experience. She and I are both doing very well and got home yesterday just 3 days later...: ) here is a quick pic of my lovely little girl (9 pound 6 hehe but she still looks so small) this is lilly meeting her baby sister for the first time on saturday

Sunday, August 06, 2006

beginners layout

here is the layout i will be using as the beginners class. It would be my initial class for groups that have not ever scrapped before. It covers the basics such as cropping photos, matting, cutting papers and well as a little bit of embellishing using rubons, inking, punches and some ribbons...along with the layout in everyone of my classes there will be a bonus card to make out of the scraps so that there is less waste and then just when u need a card you will have one without need to get out your things and think about it. In this initial class we will also talk about what is in a basic scrap kit which will keep you scrapping in your own time. Im also working on some ideas for advanced and middle of the road scrappers who dont really need a beginners class so keep watching this space as i will upload here when they are ready.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

from last night

last night the friday croppers were over and i created this. This is lilly with anya at anyas birthday get together....yes the title is handwriting...i really need to go letter shopping!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

quick baby update

i must grow good babies hehe
anyway they have decided to induce me at this stage on the 17 august at 38 i really only have 2 weeks to go...that was a quick 2 weeks wasnt it hehe oh well just makes baby layouts and photos all that closer really

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

new urban lilly

oh i got some new urban lilly yesterday
its very nice...the round discs are great embellishments
very nice to use

4 weeks

a pic of me this morning with lilly...i am huge!!! belly is all baby hehe
doc visit today...have very swollen feet now...dont u just love this stage!
not a flash pic of me...and we had to be really really fast to get lilly to cooperate!