Sunday, July 30, 2006

class ideas

just after my baby is born i will be starting up a small business to run classes in your home...i mentioned it on my blog some time ago...i will be a scrapanalia consultant...basically i will run a class for between 10 to 15 dollars depending on the class in your home and have some stock for you to pick from for your layout and other stock for sale so you can embellish your layout and stock up your own the moment i am working on a small range of classes i could offer at first...from a just starting out class to more advantanced classes...attached is a layout i have done using lots of different things but am thinking it might make a good class thats beyond basics but not much and about using different things on a fabric?? anyway here is my sample for the class. I guess the idea is that the classes offered will be more like the classes you get to do in your local scrapbooking store but in the comfort of your home which is great if you have children that you need to care for or friends with that problem. I know i will have to bring my new daughter for quite some time so she can be fed.

if your local to the north brisbane area (i would travel to the south side if requested) and think you may be interested in hosting a class in your home with your crop group...or would like me to come to any crop and have a small store please email I will be using my blog to display all the class samples and ideas i come up with along the way. Im also happy to taylor samples to the needs of your group or class. Once we are up and running i will send out monthly newsletters which i will also post on here and have crops in my home monthly just to keep our scrapping going and met new people which is my favourite part of this wonderful craft.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

5 weeks now and counting... ;)
just to keep u all up to date
my wonderful friend had a blessing way for the upcoming birth and labour which was just a lovely then to go through...i have a beautiful braclet to wear with a bead from each of them to help me through and we were joined by red ribbon which i have turned into a tassel sort of that i can have with me in labour ward so that i have their energy in the of my friends sang to me i have never been sung to so that was extra special
thankyou girls i couldnt ask for better friends than u all

tonights creation

after teaching a class today and coming home with some new goodies i was finding myself looking forward to creating something...its not out there i think im starting to experiment with a style change at the moment...and i got it done in less than an was inspired by the saturday scrappit sketch...thanks girls

lilly is going to be just like dad i can see it now...she loves cooking and lucky for her that dan loves cooking withher cause i cant stand the mess!!...this is all before we moved she hasnt had the chance here but she loves pancakes and eggs and can even crack the egg and put it in the bowl!

Friday, July 14, 2006


well again i have been taken away from updating my blog heheh
im hopeless at this
but i have been working day and night to finish my masters entry...only posted it was due today...had to pay extra so that it would be there by todays close of business...oooops...i no not intend to do that even thou its not due to september i think i might work on my elite team layouts for forkeeps sooner hehehe....i do have a layout to share just needs a title...: )
house is nearly set up...just a few boxes to things getting sorted out and washed as it all gets closer...only just over 6 weeks now!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

i have been busy creating in my new house too...havent been able to organise myself to want to scrap in the last few weeks i think because everything was put away...the only things i have done are things that i have had to do but the other night i got these 2 done in record time!!

paint storage

well during my unpacking i decided that i didnt want to use my wire cubes as paper storage anymore (hated them) and i treated myself to some real paper racks but then i wondered about what to do with my wire cubes...well i have heaps but i did managed to use 2 of the wire bits as storage for my making memories paints...i saw this on an american website...i think it was ck but i cant quite be sure...if u have these cubes and hate them this is a fantastic way to use them and its oh so just need two wire sides, and two or three cotton reels or spacers of some descriptions (i stole my cotton reels from my daughters threading i know i know bad mother lol) tie some ribbon to the back wire slip it throught the cotton reel and then add the front wire and tie in double knots...DONE...i have it hooked up on my wall with those medium 3m removal hooks that you can get at coles...i love this idea as it has gotten my paints up off the floor and away from small hands that so like to put paint everywhere!!