Sunday, April 30, 2006

a scrappit online class

here is my clock from the scrappit online class...its so totally not like me but i love it its going to look great in my new scrap room

Saturday, April 29, 2006

exciting things coming

its looking like im going to work for scrapanaila as a consultant...its all in the pipe line at the moment but i will be using my blog to advertise classes and show new product as it comes in. I will be offering classes and workshops at peoples houses for about $10 including the papers and the use of all my tools, stamps and punches. Embellishments and other things will be on sale in your homes to add that finishing touch to your page. Im really excited about this adventure stay turned here as i will fill you all about 8 weeks i should be up and going. Also looking at having crops in my lovely new house for a smaller fee. If you are interested in any of this leave me a message and i will get back to you asap.

friday croppers

from my friday croppers crop last night
its a scrappitpack from about march this year i think and i love the end product.

more house news. The kitchen is in and it looks fantastic and the walls finished...the bathrooms have been started...the tiles were there...i cant wait until next week...and i know no photos i forgot the camera this week..sorry.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

saturday night sketch

this layout is from scrappits saturday night sketch.
the sketch came from the basic grey newsletter and it really inspired me to use basic grey papers which was good as i am struggling with there lovely new designs and i dont know y

Saturday, April 22, 2006

4 weeks until a NEW HOUSE

well i visited my house today and wow...its really taking shape now.i cant believe the changes in a week. My kitchen has been delievered and I LOVE IT it looks fantastic...its a lovely wood grain on the cupboards. I will share a pic when its all in next week. the walls are nearly finished and all the doors are up...locks r on but they r wrong...its a minor thing to go wrong so thats soon

we also added a new car to the family this week. An outlander which i just love...its so nice to drive

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

oh dear doesnt time fly
its been nearly a month since i posted anything
pregnancy is still going well now 21 weeks...had my 19 week scan and it looks like we are expecting another daughter which was wonderful news...but i know i know they can be wrong i still dont care as long as its very healthy and strong.

scan photos not as good as last time...but still amazing...she is enjoying making a pillow out of the placenta atm making the photo taking hard.

we are also in the final stages of building our new house...its about 5 weeks away now which is the most amazing feeling!!...i cant believe its nearly finished. All the internal doors went up today and its all locked up.

everything seems to be happening at the moment...picking up a new car on friday an outlander which i cant wait to get woohoo they r so nice to drive.

and what else...finally after many years my long service leave has appeared on my pay advice which was also a fantastic feeling...but my count down to maternity leave has started...9 weeks and 2 days...i will keep that very updated lol