Thursday, January 17, 2008

fav photo of the day

ive been doing really well with my photo a day
at the start i was struggling to see the things that would look like great photos

and then we did a few things and it was easy, and then today eaiser ideas have just shown up in my head. I think this is my favourite favourite photo so far

its a photo that makes me smile but its also got a little sad side. I smile cause look how cute they look..hehe...and then i see how much my girls have both grown in the last little while...and then i look at emily and think oh my where has my baby gone...she has changed and grown so much lately and starting to lose that baby look, and all of a sudden she is looking so tall im not sure how that happens one day they look like they always have and the next taller! she is such a funny chicken with her new kindy bag too lol, loves it, its just like her big sisters and she knows its hers and fussy, she holds it all the way to and from kindy and then takes u into her room to hang it up where it goes in her room unlike her sister who we argue with from the time we get home to take it to her room lol

usually i would work today, hence the kindy, and i spent a wonderful afternoon with my lovely friend and emilys god mother so my day was filled up, because i felt just a little sad to see my cute family walk out the door without me this morning.

more cleaning tasks this week from the scrap heap

this week was a cardstock mission and i will admit i didnt think it was to bad, but it looks 100% better without all the stuff on the racks!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

when it rains it pours

just lately ive had some great scrapbooking things going on
for years ive scrapped and played with some mag publications and its all been mostly a great time...i then wanted other scrap related things

as u do
then i went through this time where it didnt matter what i submitted no one wanted it, im pretty much mostly the whatever person, and then it changes as quickly as the mags stopped being interesting in my stuff

my luck starts with making masters top 100, and then getting my hm

then paper trends and the part of my project that was on the front of the cover (of which i have now seen but still dont have a mag copy, but it did look cool on a green wall) my first cover anythimg and first us publication

then the other day i saw stamping and papercraft who i have had heaps of success with recently and its a mag i really enjoy being published in as the ytake such care to photograph the projects, im on the cover that is out right now with a card called hello there...that was exciting to see

but nothing like what im about share was i expecting

went to ikea today with my friend julie

chris rings me talking about a layout i have coming out in scrapbook creations and that she had seen it...ON THE COVER

oh my god, my baby girl is on the cover of scrapbook creations!!!!
so i can already see the sales for scrapbook creations next month is going to be inflated by lots of jones family members!!!

how cool is that im totally floored by! cant wait to get my layout back now.. :)

congrats to the mason family on the safe arrival of beautiful twin girls and chelsea is in our thoughts as she overcomes her hurdles

Sunday, January 06, 2008

a little bit of a tidy

Ok so i dont usually join in challenges usually i dont have time....that was until today. Over at the scrap heap they decided to start off the new year with a clean up your scrap space challenge.
here are my before the first challenge photos.....very sad!

Now challenge one was the take everything off your desk and scrub it clean...i couldnt quiet believe just how dirty my desk was...lets just say it was like putting a layout in a pile of dirt!, next was the scrub clean your self healing matt of which i couldnt get the paint off but its looking much better now! and then cull and throw out broken and empty things from tool boxes etc and put things away that just seem to creep onto the table area....of course u will have to ignore under the desk for the moment we havent had that challenge yet...but it was so nice to just create in something that wasnt a mess not that i did much after all this cleaning. But in my cleaning mood i found a double photo frame that was isnt now! lol

its begging to be messed up again isnt it lol, i did tidy after i fixed up the photo frame and it was so much easier cause it all had a place to go!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year

happy new year everyone
i have started my new year off by getting my first photo a day photo and taken a leaf out of ali edwards book and made the pages for my book for the month so that if im organised i should actually be able to keep up with 365 photos! this year. I have chosen to make mini monthly mini books which i will display in the house, my girls love mini books to look at. I used my bind it all to make the book with just papers that were in my scrap pile. I think i will get a small basket and throw page size scraps into it every time i scrap so things r cut and ready to go. I have decided to go for multi size pages behind this front page. Hoping it will look ok at the end.

for the front of each month ive also decided to take family photos to see how much we change through out the year. It should be interesting i hope.