Monday, October 30, 2006

dress ups

i just had to share this
my daughter lol...we were watching the midday movie today...some silly movie called ido about a wedding planner..anyway the first 3 scenes are all brides and weddings, lilly wandered off to her room and came back a BRIDE lol just so cute

then i came across this...emily has found her thumb

Sunday, October 29, 2006


we finally caught this beautiful grin on the camera this morning...dan was tickleing her feet and i was hanging over his shoulder with the camera...i think she was probably laughing at us doing a circus performance just to get a picture of her smileing!!!...the things u do

i have been trying to get this photo for a good 2 weeks now!!

any knowledgeabout bloggers out there...everytime i publish it tells me there is an error...i have no idea how to fix it and even if my posts are working atm...its driving me wont let me update my template either as i was getting a little bored

thanks for today sal...had a great time and so did lilly...nat it was great catching up even if it was just breifly

Saturday, October 28, 2006

online classes

ok here are the pictures for the online classes sorry that they wouldnt inlude themselves into the newsletter


Another month has come and gone, where is the year going. Someone scared me ALOT and said that christmas is just 8 weeks away. 8 weeks how does that happen!! I had a quiet month, but I really needed it...: )

This weekend me and scrapanalia are off to a small retreat to set up. It should be fun, i might even get to scrap a little if i am really very lucky.

In stock
Fantastic tins, would make great OTP projects for christmas.

Why not think of yourself and get hold of this great tool. We are memory keepers crop-a-dile is a fantastic hole and eyelet setter. We have so far not found an eyelet we cant set, and myself and friends have really tried.

This month I worked with the very pretty crate paper range, as my daughter requested the page of her and her grandmother.

Instructions for the page - $5
Kit to complete page - $6 (plus postage) and this month when you purchase the kit you get the page instructions for free. The $6 kit contains papers, buttons, flowers, eyelets, a length of ribbon and chipboard label holder.
Other products you may like to purchase heidi swapp ghost letters, and rubons of your choice when these are purchased for the class you recieve a 5% discount.

When you purchase the class I will send you the instructions as soon as the payment is clear and products will be forwarded by post. The class will be held on the 25th november over msn, just let me know if you wish to join us and I will get your msn address.

This month we also have a second class avaliable. Especially focused in the giving theme that is about to be set upon us. We have a cute little paper gift bag and matching addressbook as well.

Instructions - $5
Kit - $8 and remember to add postage...and if you purchase the kit this month you get the instructions for free. The Kit contains everything to complete both projects to make a very affordable gift for someone. I will hold the online part of the class one the 18th nov, as above using msn.

Ok i will pop up the sample in the next post as blogger is having a little photo moment.

until december, enjoy your scrapping time

Friday, October 27, 2006

two posts in two days

a record for me hehe

my exciting news

I MADE THE scrapbooking by design DESIGN TEAM

im so excited woohoo
the site isnt active just yet but it wont be long

thanks to rach and chris for telling me about the team just a few short weeks ago im so excited and cant wait to start!

ive been working on some 8" letters for the nearly finished lilly, maybe tonight will be the night but emily is done!!

i have totally failed at my elsie challenges from sam hehe...maybe thats something for tonight too and they were easy to work with challenges oh i say maybe tonight....;)
now to clean the house so that it is respectable for people to crop here tonight lol

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

all exciting

i will have some new all exciting news to post soon...woohoo

dont forget my classes on the 5th nov at paper addiction in easy and creative christmas cards...both samples are up in store now

heres a sample of something iwill havein the class with me and of something i was working on over the weekend while i was away. I do so love to add a bit of machine sewing it adds something to a page

i have been particpating on embellished idol..and have gotten to round 5 the comp has been so much fun thanks ali remember to check out its a lovely site and the community is fantastic and the gallery well its just beautiful if ever u need a bit of inspiration u need not look much further.!! such clever people over there

anyway thats it fo rme today...i have been a slack blogger just lately i know i know...we have a fully fenced yard now woohoo i will share some more photos as the landscaping starts to happen THIS off to caboolture markets for some more plants...gotta love that place for plants we have so far saved about half on nursery costs!! and the front is so almost ready to be approved a few more river rocks and its done!!...i tell u im not much of a gardener but atm i am trying so hard to make sure its all looked after...between u and me having a fence and gate is about the best thing that could of happened for dd 3...she is so happy to be allowed outside whenever she likes!!! she was getting very sick of having to go out when we would go out there with her hehe

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

going away

going away for the weekend with my lovely scrap friends this cant wait girls

i got the most fantastic news this morning that scrapbooking memories wanted one of my layouts to publish...i was most excited as i had never been picked up by sm before woohoo...a special thanks to hope from sam for her challenges and inspiration without it i would not of done the layout at all

i have been busy creating again this week
this cute little bag...the pattern i found in paper crafts an amercian mag that i get and a layout using my fav photo of the moment.

well im sure i will have heapsto share after the weekend

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

minimal in style

well today i have scrapped all day and it was so much fun, talked to a few cyber buddies and basically didnt leave this very space all day hehe ooops
i did feed emily and watch over the hedge with lilly so its not as bad as it sounds lol

i have been playing with some minimal style layouts and i have to say i love the style...i wouldnt change completely but i can see more of these popping up from now can get so much done its super

now dont think lilly missed out here...she did get a layout about her too, but i forgot to scan it and i put getting it out in the two hard basket..: )

Saturday, October 07, 2006

we r finally getting the fence

well its taken forever but finally on monday they start building our retaining wall and fence woohoo...gates for the front of the house too...dotn know if i ever shared but quite a few weeks ago now we had our backyard levelled had a rather large (it actually looked small hehe) hill removed from the corner of our took the poor guy a day and a half to do it all and the dirt it just didnt look like that much dirt it was is a pic of it all dug out...its going to make a great yard for the girls

we have also been working onthe front of the house...i now have grass, gardens and finally the deck to my front entry way...only mulch and deck oiling to go and its all done im really happy with the way it all turned out.

and of course i have been scrapping away as usual...i have been working on embellished idol and am crossing my fingers that i make it through to round 3 tomorrow as the challenge sounds great thanks ali u really are taking me outside my usual zone which is just what i was looking soon as i can share my work here i will but if u have time go and check it out

i have also been working on my entry for everyday moments this month and while i didnt think i would be albe to use the onsert i was surprised and i ended up really happy with this

at the moment im right into the scrapbookers approach to card making with all my scraps im getting quite the collectios going which will be great when there are birthdays to deal with int he coming weeks.

hope everyone has a great weekend...i have been blogging but just lurking im afraid... ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

paper addiction november class

seeing as its november in just one short month
my paper addiction class is a creative christmas card class
see the samples in store now

including this sample with the lovely new crate paper range of papers