Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a new year a new attempt

Abandoned! i think it about sums up my blog!
life has been busy yes but really i just feel slack that i havent shared anything in forever, but really i was at a loss for what to share.  Its no secret i stopped scrapbooking, as many i know have.  And then we moved, so i faced no garden, shared family housing of which i thank my parents for while we sorted ourselves out and then of course the return to full time work.  eek about sums up the second hard of 2011.  And then i added to it all by starting my fine arts degree!  like i have the time, rolls eyes...lucky i spend part of everyday creating anyway, and so i dont see scrapbooking returning to this fair blog anytime soon, ive lost the passion i once had and its been replaced with ART!! not really a stretch after the uni statement!

So i thought i would share my journey into this fine art degree, a way for me to watch my own progress, esp this year after i start studio units in painting and sculpture.  Ive started and finished two units and did really well, both general art based units.  A high distinction and a distinction, i was chuffed after 13 yrs of not studying.  this term im slogging my way through my last two general ed units, and critical thinking and popular culture are both kicking me in the tush!  I know im working on a credit in one, but the other god only knows!  but i will be pleased to see the back of them in a few more weeks.  sometime in march its back to arts units in arts departments thank god for that!

this was my final art and creativity work, its a stop motion animation.  You dont even want to know how long i spent on the stupid thing, how many times a drew that damn bird, took photos etc, insane!

I shared some of my art journal after i started it last yr and this we moved and i disappeared, i did keep the journalling up and that journal was eventually filled with lots of uni stuff and whatever else was happening at the time.  This week i shouted myself a 2012 journal or two one that i will keep personal and one that will be filled with uni type stuff.  i was naughty and sprung for one filled with really nice paper, thankgod for sales right :)  I also sprung for the blue bazaar mixed media kit, which seems to be my go to shop for art journaling stuff.  Ive been lead and inspired to some great stuff from their site and journaling friday challenges.

Heres my first 2012 page, and i will share what i get up to with my kit when it starts in feb.
the person was inspired by the cover of an art journaling mag i got this week, how very post modern of me to rip off someone elses idea, thanks for the inspiration but, take it as the compliment its meant to be.  Big changes ahead for the yr of 2012, new school for me, new yr level, more uni, emily at school (eek)  its a big unknown!

We moved as i mentioned, and in december finally decided to be adults again and leave my parents house, rolls eyes.  such is life but hey.  anyway we bought of the south side of brisbane, a very very large ridiculous house that I LOVE! lol  im still sorting out and painting said ridiculous house, but will share pics shortly.

And to finish off this large post, heres some of the art work ive done in the last few months, some of it in the last few days :) gotta love the holidays even if they are rapidly finishing! cry!!

 I only just finished this today.  Its been a few weeks in creation, and months in my head, it will have a buddy on the wall exactly the same..:)  Ps thats the green of my feature walls Olive Reserve!  and FYI i hate painting rooms!
 I did this just yesterday, no guesses for who it represents and its on lillys wall in her bedroom, now if only they would behave like this!  they r a bit sick of each other after the holidays  ;)  again people inspired by the same artist from my art journaling mag (I get the feeling this will be my go to doodle for people for a while, i dont know y)
 this i painting for emily for her birthday
 this followed, lovely colour emily chose wouldnt you say (Insert sarcasm here..:))
 and this finished the set off, they are all on the walls of her room.
 did this the week we moved into the house we bought
 and i did this last week
 and these r some of my favs from the last few months.  The hearts i think im going to turn into something for my bedroom wall above my bed.

until next time...:)