Wednesday, April 19, 2006

oh dear doesnt time fly
its been nearly a month since i posted anything
pregnancy is still going well now 21 weeks...had my 19 week scan and it looks like we are expecting another daughter which was wonderful news...but i know i know they can be wrong i still dont care as long as its very healthy and strong.

scan photos not as good as last time...but still amazing...she is enjoying making a pillow out of the placenta atm making the photo taking hard.

we are also in the final stages of building our new house...its about 5 weeks away now which is the most amazing feeling!!...i cant believe its nearly finished. All the internal doors went up today and its all locked up.

everything seems to be happening at the moment...picking up a new car on friday an outlander which i cant wait to get woohoo they r so nice to drive.

and what else...finally after many years my long service leave has appeared on my pay advice which was also a fantastic feeling...but my count down to maternity leave has started...9 weeks and 2 days...i will keep that very updated lol


Sal :-) said...

Wow Jac super exciting times for you!!! New car, New house, new baby and long service leave!!! Can you send some of your Mojo my way? So good that you are doing so well :) Hugs.

Chris Millar said...

Finally a link!LOL Wonderful news about another bubby girl on the way and not long till the house now!!!

jacquij said...

thanks girls
oh i dont know about mojo sal
im just keeping myhead above water here at the moment...but its starting to pay off lol

Chrissy said...

Heya Jacqui!! Finally found you through Sal! :-) A bubby girl, how wonderful. Seems like so much is happening for you atm. The house pics on your earlier post look fab, I'm so excited for you.

Chrissy xx

jacquij said...

thanks chrissy
we are very excited...was out there this morning 4 weeks to go...very exciting...yes its taken me a while to get all this up and only problems now are links and photos lol...but im getting better