Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well i cant believe that it will be this saturday
and try as i might to get a credit card facility organised it doesnt look like it will be here in time. So to purchase stock on the day i will be only working in cash. But if people would like to order anything i am happy to take details and process this later in the week. However things wouldnt be ordered until approval to credit card is given by the bank which is only a quick phone call. this will add just a few days to delivery of your items. Credit card facilities will be up and running from this point on at all future home workshops and crops.

some price ideas for the weekend
cardstock is 90c
pattern paper $1.50 (all of it even the new)
and embellishments start at $1.75 for ribbon and go up depending on what you would like

scrapanalia has also donated a prize to the event...its a fantastic new we are memory keepers silent holepunch and eyelet setter retailing at $50 i would love one of these it is effortless to use just my type of tool!

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