Thursday, February 22, 2007

another year older

well once i got over the inital bad start (my husband had purchased the present but forgot today was my birthday...lets just say it hasnt won him any browny points) to my 31st birthday i got a pretty cool present...sad part was that i didnt actually enjoy opening it because i was a little upset with said dh by this point...but i put it aside and finally enjoyed it much later on...still not a happy camper but

anyway...thought i would share some pics of my present

and yes that very special coloured box is from

and on this inside was something my dh was going to get me when we finally got the keys to our house but it wasnt a great time with all the bills associated with getting the keys to our house...u know the story

not doing anything else today so im sure it will be one filled with looking after children...its a bit sad really

our miss emmy is almost crawling...she has been dragging herself around for weeks but this morning has gotten up on all fours....god help me excited and yet i know what this means this time lol....its almost the same time has lilly started to crawl too...on my birthday (yes my girls are that close in birth lol...3 years apart but both born in august...u wouldnt believe the jokes we hear about that lol and no its noone birthday


Chris Millar said...

Happy! Happy! Happy birthday!! What a lovely keyring!! Very nice!
I didn't think Miss Em was very far off crawling!!

Michelle M said...

Happy birthday Jacqui, hope your day is great.. OOOOHHHH love your keyring.

Bev said...

Thats one very swish keyring!!! Happy Birthday!

cass said...

happy birthday Jacqui, i hope you enjoy it more


Rach H said...

jac I hope your day improved??
sometimes sadly some men are just forgetful but they don't mean it.
Very smart keyring.....lucky girl.
and wow Em is nearly crawling.....busy busy days ahead!!