Wednesday, March 07, 2007

a new profile pic

and i know its probably about time i add in a photo of me with both my girls
emily will be 7 months old on saturday...i cant believe it
my darling girl is getting so big so quickly. She is sitting on her own for quite some time now, and crawling all over the house like a mad thing, we have only 3/4 baby proofed...but i swear lilly brings more of it back than i can get rid of in a day...all those little toys she seems to of gotten...but she is learning where to keep themslowly. We have put up the gates which r to keep emily out of lillys room and the other lounge (which starts its first transformation into a media room on the weekend WOOHOO)

emilys new thing for the week...u guessed it DADADADA...lets just say that the DADADA in this house was very encouraging of this lol...i keep telling him she doesnt know what she is saying lol...but she does im sure of it

nothing to much going on here...i got my car back...i dont know if anyone remembers but all the way back on boxing day i had a car accident...nothing serious except the damage to my car!!!!...well after waiting for the shops to open up again after the christmas break they found out a part they needed was in then we had to wait a month for that...nearly 10 weeks after the accident i got my car back!!..once they got it on the road smaller things kept going wrong with it so there were quite a few extra days without it this week...but finally its all systems go and is running like a dream and it is looking all shiny and new...WOOHOO nothing worse than not having a car believe me

one last thing
making memories idol... VOTE FOR CHRISTINE MILLAR
chris has made it through the first round so its down to 30
congrats chris..woohoo


Chris Millar said...

Thanks heaps Jac! I appreciate that!
Gosh Em is growing up so quickly!

Chrissy said...

Love your new profile piccy Jacqui!! It was definitely time!! LOL