Tuesday, November 02, 2010

pleated strip skirt

i found this on moda bake shop, its very sweet.

its a pattern for a jelly roll, but strips of fabric do the trick. most of this material was made up of letf over bits and pieces and a fat quarter here and there. i had two 14 strip panels with six pleats in each, made for lilly who is seven and not a small seven.

it was easy stitching. and a great way to use up left over strips of material. its one i will make again.

i love moda bake shop, lots of patterns for all sorts of things. its a great blog.


Kirsty said...

So cute! So many possibilities!

Thanks so much for the beautiful comment on my blog. I appreciate you reaching out :)

lissa said...

Thanks for the Moda bake shop shout out. Your skirt is adorable.