Wednesday, May 03, 2006

my kitchen

well here it is
i know some of you have been stalking me to see this...: ) (hi chrissy)
and i finally got a picture...its just not so easy to get in there atm
tilers started today and the painters will start on monday i cant believe that it is almost finished!!...also add the look of the feature tiles in the bathroom...should see them finished on saturday...yah
had a minor problem with the floor tiles today even thou we picked from what we were told was the builders range for these they need to be laided differently and are going to cost us another $200 dollars!! gotta love tradies wish they told u these things but to be fair its the tile places fault...but after a stressed day of what will we do...we r just going to pay its easier and i just want my house now


Chrissy said...

ROFLMAO but YAY, piccies!!! I'm loving those feature tiles Jacqui, just gorgeous! I'm really just a frustrated interior designer you know, I LOVE all this house stuff! Looking forward to seeing the rest when those tradies get out of your way and let you take some pics!!! *giggle*

jacquij said...

i know i wish they would just hurry up and finish. i want my house now!!