Saturday, May 27, 2006

we have render

well i have been a bit slack updating cause i havent had any news to really add
the building has slowed over the last few weeks and we had no progress for nearly 3 weeks...but this week luckily the render and the garage door went on the to come...hoping the painter starts this week but not holding breath as i have been told 2 weeks in a row he will be there this week and just never turned up!!...its a little frustrating

baby is growing..belly is looking very pregnant now...just 13 weeks to go until out new addition arrives which is exciting...we cant wait.

here is a layout that i started at one friday crop and finished at another 2 weeks later which is unusual for me to say the the photos and im pretty happy with the lo.

hope every one had a great mothers day...i was spoilt with an amm album very nice


Chris Millar said...

Yay Jac!!! Can't wait to see your house again - it's just too exciting!! Love your layout - what brilliant flower cutting!LOL

jacquij said...

yes an expert cut
i would say hehehe