Friday, July 13, 2007

She can do it herself

we had a big wow moment today and i almost missed it!!!!!
miss emily (11 months) has been trying to stand up on her own for a week or more, she gets 3/4 of the way up and then just cant quite work out what to do about the stuck leg, so cute, and the facial expressions she gets she has been such a time waster lol, at about 10 this morning she really starting trying and i held my breath a few different times thinking this is it this is it, i was sad but so excited for her, the closer she got the more excited she got, it was very funny until she give up, later in the afternoon after her nap it started again, stuck in the same place but same excited cheeky grin on her face lol....this went on for about 15 minutes until she got bored and moved on, to a ring of toys her older sister had put on the floor, not for emily so god knows why they were there lol....i was watching silly sitcoms that r on in the afternoon, and all was calm, when all of a sudden she sticks her bum in the air and gets her legs straight and stands up on her own...she didnt even know she had done it for a second i dont think, when me and lilly clapped for her she got the shock of her life to be actually up in the air lol and of course fell on her bum a second later...well miss 11 months now thinks she is oh so smart and has spent the night standing up all over the house lol, she has no idea what she does now just that she is up, i love firsts
and we have had a few this week
this was one first i was jus tplain thankful for
My baby girl is a cuddler, and likes to be rocked to sleep, you know at first i had no issues, whatever i love it too, until she weighed in at 8.5 kg, i then started to think this has to stop, i think she was about 9 months when i said this. So we started some form of sleep training, i dont do controlled crying well, i hate it i hate it i hate it, i just cant cope with them crying when i can stop it (but thats me i know plenty of people that do it and do it so well their children get the idea straight away) with lilly we control comforted which is the same basically as controlled crying except with more holding and comforting the baby, emily didnt really gel with this method she was confused nad really learnt how to push my buttons to come get her, so we went back to holding and nursing her to sleep! about 10 months i hit the wall after a 2 hour session of its time for bed and let her cry that night for the first time ever, i would like to say that solved our problems but no way, i then found out a little bit of info from the baby whisper that i liked - so we put some of emilys play time in her cot during the day so she saw it as an ok place to be and she learnt she was safe, and then i moved play time to closer to nap time, and she started to fall asleep on her own during the day, with a little 5 second cry just before dozing off, i went yep i can cope with that, but we were still having no success at night, i was desperate forher to learn some self soothing, but not to harsly, about a week and a half ago i went right this is it, im going to be strong with my own feeling about the crying, i have prepared her for this its going to be ok, that first night she cried for 30 minutes, i was in and out of the room (hate to think what the neighbours thought of me lol) and then the next night only 10 mins and its been just 10 mins every since, i can cope with 10mins, and its now not crying its that whingy cry they do, i dont want to be here cry, which is nice after the hystrical cry we had before we did the play in the cot thing, then last night quite out of the blue i poped her in her cot, said good night and she rolled over and went to sleep and that was that!, let me just say WOOHOO!, everything about her sleep patterns int he last 2 days has changed and in all positive for me ways too lol...she is waking less (not at all atm) and sleeping longer during the night which means i so hope an end to 5am mornings!!!! no one should have to get up at 5 in th emorning!!!! lol it looks like the middle of the night so yep there is so much sleep info out there, and when i finally took it serious and pieced together a plan that fit in with us we got it done and quickly..: ) and if your like me and not a controlled crier, its harder but you can get the same result with other ideas and a little more effort - our key to was consistency, we do it the same everynight and day, even whenw e r out in the pram, i lay it down and cover the front
our other first this week
feeding herself, lol, so much mess and the high chair - gross items!!!
i tell ya all these firsts are so lovely, but i think someone is going to have to sit and explain to me where the first year of her life went and why it went so quickly!

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Chris Millar said...

Oh Jac!!! How lovely that Em is standing up, but how sad at the same time!! Where did that year go?!! And that is fantastic about the sleep success!!! Well done!