Monday, July 09, 2007

Joining the Digital Age

i have to admit i have stayed away from digital scrapbooking...i had enough trouble turning my photos black and white in the beginning...but over the weekend i had a cold and didnt want to do anything of much at all, and well i started playing with digital stuff!....i was more interested in making banners for my blog and for More than just scrapbooking than anything else. I then surfed on to find some of the most fantastic downloadable kits and these were free ones...papers WOW i so wished they were real papers i liked them so much. Dont u just wish u could design some of the stuff that is out there...well i wish i could.
I settled on a downloaded kit from all the credits for the digital elements are sitting at the bottom of this blog if your interested in what it is. I love right into these colours atm. Thankyou to all the digital designers that have samples of their kits out there for free, keep up the fantastic job, you did enourage me to really give digital a go.
and i know that banner will be changed again in about a month, I seem to get bored with the banner easily, and like to keep the pic updated too.. :)

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Peta said...

Hey Jacqui welcome to the dark side ROFL!! If you're keen to have a look at some 'aussie' talent out there - try out - they have a great little start pack there for free It's an awesome resource I think for those looking into the whole digi thing. {and yeah I might be biased seeing as I sell there rofl!}

also while I'm here - I got give your 'links' from Chris Miller - I was talking to her about a project and she said I should talk to you... I'd love to talk to you - you can check in with Chris to make sure I'm not some crazy weirdo - {although she might just say I am a crazy weirdo - but a nice one HAHA}

If you're interested in chatting - you can email me at