Tuesday, October 30, 2007

to blog

havent posted in a while

ive been wondering about blogging and if it really has a place in my life or my familys life.

it seems to open us up to people talking about your life, your untidy or tidy house and how many hours u actually spend scrapbooking or on the computer and not with your kids. it seems to let people think that they know u just because i shared some small part of our life and my scrapbooking. I am for the first time ever gratful to not be a known name in scrapbooking. And that prompted me to thinking about things and that i want...for the longest time i wanted the recognition (not the celeb title - im so not into any of that shit) i wanted to be published, wanted a spot on a mag dt team or to be a master. BUT WHY! it just seemed to be one of my goals maybe it will forever be one. I have read over the last week a distructive little blog u all know the one that has ripped apart people, their scrapbooking and then more seriously their lives. I have to say i dont want to be on a list of people that has been ripped apart by this blog just because their work seems to appear in mags a little more often than the rest of us, it has for me allowed me to evaluate what any of the above want means to me...while i would still love to win a comp that i have put my heart and soul into it wouldnt really mean anything to my life and what is important in my life that stuff wouldnt change so this blog while i find it depressive and creative sucking hole of despair put things into prespective for me.

im feeling for anyone that has had their life put onto this blog or anyone that had their work attacked, i for one would be sad to log onto my fav blogs and sites and not see the work of people because they were worried about reaction. I love all different styles and all different works even if its not how i scrapbook, i sometimes evny people and how they scrapbook because its so different to mine...sarah van wjick for one i love her work but its so not how i scrapbook and i think thats why i like it....roz james love her work too....love erica glovers journalling it inspires me to journal on my layouts about more than just what happened and the date i thank her for that and then the flip to all the people i just mentioned...i like the arty stuff too jen hall, emily falconbridge u know the stuff i couldnt scrap like that if my life depended on it but i love looking at it.

my work at times could be described as product vomit im sure...what can i say i like a well structured page with lots of product...im a lumpy bumpy girl...i like journalling that means something to my family...i like distressed items on my page and making my own embellishments or trying to find that way to make the product i can afford go just a little bit further. I generally like my finished work...i have struggled with my style this last little while as i see things i would like to change about it...but cant so i have decided to embrace me...this is how i scrapbook and im proud of it, i love sharing it with people because i like to see the work they have shared so with those feelings in mind heres some of the things i have been working on and doing over the last 8 weeks or so since i last posted.

did this today....it has been inspired by ali russel (she has the most beautiful circle layout on her blog atm i LOVE IT) and a layout i saw on 2 peas by one of the gg cant remember which one and u would probably have a hard time spotting the layout as in the end this layout didnt look anything like the one that got me working.

i have to say half way through i almost pulled it apart but i like it now lol....emily hitting the trantrum stage so funny...she watches and then looks finds a spot and throws herself down on the floor and cries lol of course i step over her and keep doing whatever it was that i was doing before while i have a giggle at her....she is oh so cute

obviously my dh is home today lol a whole layout started and finished in one day and uploaded that doesnt happen

one from the weekend friday, sat and sun nights worth of work...my friend julie inspired and then challenged me to scrap over the weekend to get me out of my scrapping low point..thanks julie...again looks nothing like the layout she sent me to inspire me lol

My final piece for scrapbook stuido in new zealand...cant believe that i have been on that team for a year and my time was up...thankyou to lisa i loved working with you and your store. I will still be around in the gallery. The plastic album that lisa sent me with lovely paper and things to play with was so much fun and it looks really different to your traditional album.

Ive been quite into mini books just recently. I wasnt a fan for the longest time...why i thought when i had my albums...but as lilly gets older she wants to look and as 4 years do she isnt always careful. So i made her a few mini albums that we have out in our house in a basket (thanks to ali edwards for that idea) and she loves them and i dont mind if they get read to death and fall apart because my layouts are safely put away about the same events for when she is old enough to understand you cant be rough. So here is lillys birthday mini book. Oh i got a bind it all...LOVE IT

seems blogger has had enough photos for today. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

or not to blog - that is the question - rise above it and blog - be who you are and no one else. i am glad you took on my challenge - i love what you did with it - well done!!!!

Julie said...

I agree with Julie about the blogging thing Jacqui.

Awesome stuff here too.