Sunday, November 04, 2007

For Keeps ET

As per usual i got all my entry back
no winning layout in there not even a layout kept for publishing which was a little sucky
here they r
im very disappointed that they didnt keep this first one just for publishing
This is emily i dont know WTF for keeps are looking for anymore used to have a bit of success with them but NOTHING for a good 12 months or more ...this is a fav of my entry all the journaling spots are about why my emily is beautiful and its all that heartfelt stuff about her personality etc..: ) and i just love that photo of her

i was also very happy with this one of lilly just before she turned 4 and again journalling all about her at this age.

went for a bit of variety with this one..moving away from just scrapping children to show a different style i guess. I like it its not a fav but.This last one i was really really happy with. I quite like it and again its that little bit different to the others even thou its about my girls
and the last layout isnt scaned and im not happy with it so im not going to bother it let my entry down and i didnt have time to deal with the problem having said that i didnt expect to win...who really would expect it but i would of hoped that at least some of the above layouts would of been published but apparently they are no good in the eyes of for keeps...WHATEVER! i think they make my album look great so in the words of bart simpson...EAT MY SHORTS! hehehe


Chris Millar said...

Jac, they are all brilliant layouts and you should be very proud! Love your layouts in the below post too!!!

jacqui jones said...

thanks miss chris.. :)

Anthea said...

go girl!!

these LOs Rock, and no matter what FK might or mighten think I think their fabbo and you should be proud of them, you shouldnt need a comp to make you feel better about them. keep it up!!

jacqui jones said...

nar i dont hehe
thanks but