Sunday, December 30, 2007

de christmasing

well ive just de christmased come on the new year
lilly was a little sad to see the christmas spirit leave the house but she will live.!

christmas morning saw us up at 6:30 which i didnt think was to bad and there was nothing slow about the present opening in this house it was all in for the santa gifts it slowed a little when things came out from under the tree, we were then off to my family for the day. But it was odd weather this year in brisbane and only the kids got in the pool,my family isnt really big into the gift thing which is ok the kids got a wooden cubby house a few days before so they were stoked with nanny and pa and some togs from nana and they were very spoilt when it came down to it all. i spent the last 2 weeks nursing a stomach bug thing that just wont leave so even my waste line enjoyed the cheer cause i didnt parttake to much .

boxing day saw us at the sales even thou i said i wouldnt go, but only to our local target and shops. I got a few things on sale and a nice dress and shoes for a wedding in a few short weeks.

heres a layout of my girls christmas santa photo...we went on christmas eve....slack i know, but i knew it was going to be hard for emily....she only just made the photo poor pet

and some photos christmas morning before going to my dad and step mothers for a yummy lunch.

ooer and i almost forgot that my scrap supplies are the proud new owner of a clip it up...its fantastic! its all so neat and tidy now, wanting to top teir of it now too, but that will have to wait it isnt a cheap storage solution but way worth it!

well on to the new year, im not one for resolutions, but i have decided that in 2008 im go ing to keep a photo journal and take at least one photo of something each and every day, i will then put it all together in mini albums for each month i think! lol time will tell if it happens but i think it will be interesting to record our family's daily life including the growth of my kidlets in this way, i will share on my blog too

happy new year all

oh ps check out stamping and papercraft this month....ive got a card on the COVER...i was way excited to see it there...its a card called hello there and the cards use the lovely kate masons napkin mod podge technique, which has been explain by me in the mag with permission from kate and its only there to aid people in completeing my cards... :)

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