Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year

happy new year everyone
i have started my new year off by getting my first photo a day photo and taken a leaf out of ali edwards book and made the pages for my book for the month so that if im organised i should actually be able to keep up with 365 photos! this year. I have chosen to make mini monthly mini books which i will display in the house, my girls love mini books to look at. I used my bind it all to make the book with just papers that were in my scrap pile. I think i will get a small basket and throw page size scraps into it every time i scrap so things r cut and ready to go. I have decided to go for multi size pages behind this front page. Hoping it will look ok at the end.

for the front of each month ive also decided to take family photos to see how much we change through out the year. It should be interesting i hope.

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Anonymous said...

looks awesome jacqui!!!!

cant wait til tuesday - ikea here we come!!!!