Saturday, February 16, 2008


i wasnt going to select a word for the year....i didnt really think i needed or wanted one
the serious deicions etc and changes and i was left pondering this very word
i sometimes think its the home that we so careful built nearly 2 years ago, that very home is now on the market and will belong to another very soon
but then i was faced with being left in qld while dh started our new life in vic and the thought of was that home, home anymore??

it wont be if a major part of it is for me home is a place i create no matter where we live or in what we live, owned or rented, unit or house. It will still be home because we will be all there together.
so to keep this in my thoughts this week im off to buy some free standing letters to spell out home to put up somewhere in the house, to take with me when we leave in just over 4 weeks and hopefully they will remind me all year that home is where we are all together.

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