Sunday, April 06, 2008


We were off and away from avoca this morning thinking we would be able to do some shopping and decided today we would go to bendigo instead of ballarat. Future note to self...bendigo has limited shoppingo n a sunday...we did get to big w which was something ihad to do and office works for a sharpener that was nicer than a normal one LOL...i hate sharpening endless pencils. After that we took lilly to mcdonalds. She has missed out on going a few times lately as she hasnt been behaving so well in the car, today she was perfect and we finally got to go
once we had done that we went in search of our next activie whoty, which involved the talking tram tour. I find the whole tram thing interesting never having been on one before. the girls loved it. We went through bendigo on the tram seeing and hearing quickly about the things int he town. We stopped at the tram museum, which was pretty cool, we got to climb over some pretty old trams.
After the tram ride we went into the central deborah gold mine for a look around. We went on an underground tour down to the second level that was 61 metres under the ground.
we all had to wear helmets with lights. dan and i had the big led light lights and lilly got to wear this little one which she played with for 45 minutes and i was continually turning it back on and telling her to leave it alone. She was a little scared i think, we saw allt he mine equipment much of it still working so alot of it was demonstrated. Its all quite loud. Emily slept throught the tour and poor dan had to carry her while holding her helmet above her head!

not many photos from under the ground it was hard for the camera to focus and i couldnt see a thing to do it manually, but this is an undergroud lunch room. its like a hallway inthe mine that they all ate lunch in. Its worth a visit to the mine they even have an underground functions ROOM i kid u not!


Chris Millar said...

What a lovely trip to Bendigo!!! Love the pics!

Chrissy said...

We have a onghistory of mine managers on my dads side, that'd be really interesting to go and visit myself one day. Love the piccies of you with your sweeties, they're adorable Jacqui. :-)