Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Werribee open plain zoo

on easter monday we took the girls to werribee zoo

it was fantastic to get on the sarfari bus and drive throughout the zoo into enclosures that belonged to rhinos and hippos and actually see them up pretty close.. the only pics i was disappointed in where the graffee pics...they just were to far away to make a photo work.

heres some pics of the day.
on arrival lilly was off to see the duck pond....she loves the ducks, she couldnt even see the zerbra that were righ tin front of her across the pond from the ducks lol

we did point them out however lol, seeing an animal that for her was only in story books really set the tone of her day. She was really into the hippos.

the big one is harry, and the other one is one of his girls LOL, she is actually expecting a baby hippo any day. Which is exciting i can see a trip back to the zoo for us when that happens.

last is just a photo to prove that im not always behind the camera but that i do actually attempt to have pics of me not a fan of me in photos, but miss emily makes this one look all that much better.. :)

I hope that everyone had a great easter...ours was pretty quite until the monday when we went to the zoo.

this weekend we r off to melbourne on sunday, im going to paperific and then we r all spending the night in town seeing as we have never been into melbourne before.

Sadly i had to surrender my QLD plates today. Its a shame that the rego is out next week otherwise we could of kept them much longer, so im on the lookout fo rsome sort of sticker that says yep they r from QLD seeing as the car no longer tells anyone. The vic roads guys had a dig about being from QLD LOL...i did ask to keep my QLD plates for the VIC ones to be attached somewhere else and i was promptly told jokingly that i couldnt be a QLD'er anymore LOL


Chrissy said...

Hey there Miss Jacqui, I love the new blog banner totally awesome and so appropriate! Gorgeous piccies of your zoo visit, seems like all in all it's been a good decision to move south hey. :-)

Chrissy x

cass said...

wow you really are having a gorgeous time seeing Victoria lucky you !