Saturday, May 10, 2008

early mothers day gift

i got to go to a class today taught by the wonderful and lovely fiona leehane on photography and photoshop.

i had a great time...a big thanks to fiona i really got alot from the class and am looking forward to getting out with my camera in the coming weeks

and im already putting some of the photoshop info into practice

we talked alot about take pics and the settings and the manual settings which is an area i havent ventured into to much even thou i should of by now.

and then we played in photoshop

and here is the outcome of that

ok heres the shot of lilly i took before i left home the day before...i love the photo and once upon a time would of happily printed that out and scrapped....but i have been playing in photoshop for some time with NO knowledge at all about what im doing or should be doing....hence going today

and heres the outcome....I LOVE IT looks fantastic printed and so different

it now sort of has that slight professional feel to it....i cant wait to scrap it...and i have it here to scrap buti am thinking on tuesday when im back in ballarat that it would probably look fantastic printed on matte paper at the imgoing to take it in and have it printed properly i think if i can wait that long.. :)

also a big thanks to by dear dh, who stayed home with the kids today...not something seemingly unusual but today was a big deal as he is a person down at work and as the boss has to go pick up her slack AGAIN!! needless to say this was the last straw with her and she was sacked. so i thank him because he will have a late night tonight doing things he could of done during the day for the mothersday function tomorrow.


Mish said...

Your photo looks absolutely fantastic Jacqui!!!!! What a great way to spend a day!!

kirstypiper said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! With such a lovely subject how could it not:-)
Colour me must have had an absolute blast! Go Dan, these wonderful hubbies just ROCK!

Chrissy said...

Love your altered piccy Jacqui, makes a huge difference to the "feel" of it hey!