Saturday, May 17, 2008

heres my scrap jack entry

heres my entry

photos of lilly throwing autumn leaves this is a bit of fun for us, being so used to trees that dont lose leaves one that do r a big deal right at the moment

i was also playing with my camera ont he manual settings here...not the best time of the day for pics at all, but im learning lots now ive turned to the manual settings!


Chris Millar said...

Jac, I love this one sooooooo much!! It's fabulous! The colours are awesome and how you've combined everything! This would have been a great one for your ET entry.

Chrissy said...

It's sooo fun playing with manual settings hey!!! :-)

Binxcat1 said...

oh your scrapjack entry is MARVELOUS!!! But I didn't see your link in the comments on the scrapjack blog... maybe I missed it but I did just go through them all... go double check that you did... hate to see this miss out... it's GORGEOUS.

Binxcat1 said...

Ignore me... you link IS there... I was lookingat a an older post! Sorry!