Tuesday, January 06, 2009


well hello 2009!
how easy it is to take a blogging break and become totally out of habit with actually doing it!!!
we haven't been doing much. obviously.
Dan was home for a few days between Christmas and new year. it was nice. we just hung out at home. from Christmas day I've had my nose stuck in not one but four books. twilight series. oh so loving it. my favourite thing was the midnight sun draft, there is something so very funny about the story from Edwards eyes. heh. today went and saw the movie while Dan and the kids saw something more kid appropriate. i was i will admit more disappointed in the movie. its never what u see in your head is it? I'm so very glad i read the story first. the book is way better.

summer seems to of finally found us down here in vic. it took a while. but the last few days have been warm with a cool breeze its lovely really. i haven't been doing much but enjoying the sun and reading books...odd to of not touched a piece of paper, double sided tape, photo or a sewing machine in this long. i can see that changing. esp since i have my December daily book to work on now i have a few pics to add to it.

no photos this post. next time!
i wanted to intro my 2009 word.
last year i went with home. i was so far away from my own that i needed a word to remind me that home is where u make it. it stills above the cupboards in my kitchen now. and i look at it often and think about what it means to me.
this year...
i wondered on a few
healing, family, love

but I'm going with

i used to be a fairly happy easy going person, or thats what it felt like anyway.
after all the drama involved during my 2008 i think i forgot how to be truely happy. dont get me wrong im fine with everything in my life. but i seem to have to work on happiness quite a bit to get it and i dont seem to be able to pull all the parts of my life together so that im doing everything well therefore making me happy. something seems to fall away. i would say since emilys accident my health has suffered and my weight has sored. im not one to promise myself things at this timeof year so i like the idea of having the year to work on just this one word. happiness to me will mean finding myself totally once more during the 2009 year and enjoying not just doing all the parts of my life again. im going to add this years word to my pinboard in my craft room. so i have a nice big visual reminder of it.

im sure i will be back in the next few days to share my dec daily album.
and my potato harvest that im thinking i should deal with before i go on holidays. im thinking it would be better to wait but i know that dan wont deal with while im gone. i put them down in october...about the second week so they have been down for about 10 or so weeks..???maybe more might be more like 11 this week....we have no idea if thats enough time, they r out the top of the gargabe bins thats for sure and i cant do anymore hilling....anyone got ideas on this??
speaking of the garden, we r harvesting lettuce now, having zucchini anyday and tomatos and carrots too. will share when we do the pull..>:)

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