Tuesday, January 27, 2009

queensland, scrapping and being just plain lazy

were home
have been for a week. lots to do in a house about the start the journey that is formal schooling for the first time. there has been much shopping! uniforms, shoes, socks, lunch boxes, book packs the list is endless. we r starting to look organised for it but.

so organised that i finally decided that today i could scrap the day away.

its not an exciting page at all, these are photos from lillys preschool year. they were on display during the year and as a fundraiser the photos taken r sold to parents to repay the printing costs. i came home with 7 of them! they r just random pics of miss lilly from during the preschool year at some of the different things they got up too.
this is my happiness canvas. i was just going to add a word to my pin board but part of my happiness promise to me was to rediscover art so a mixed media piece seemed to make sense. it came together so easily i was shocked. art is one of those things u love it or u hate it, i am happy with this end result. on the green cardstock is the definition...i liked this one, characterised by good luck, fortunante - enjoying, showing or marked by pleasure satisfaction or joy - being especially well adapted, cheerful. it felt like everything that im trying to bring together. ive been doing some positive visualisation before going to bed at night (i know i know its way out there) but its working, im sleeping well, im eating properly and im feeling 100% on top of everything and im smiling!...its great

our holiday at home looked alot like this all the time. plenty of time in the pool, plenty of spending time with family and friends. we had a blast!


Kirsty said...

Love the art! Good to see you back and hear that things are starting to be a bit easier for you!!!

Chris Millar said...

Hi Jac, glad to hear you're home and settled back in. Have fun getting Lil ready for school. Love your mixed media piece.

Sal :-) said...

Ohhhh that canvas is YUMMY!!!

Loved seeing you when you came "home" and love seeing what you guys are up to :-)

Left you a little award over at my blog.