Monday, April 06, 2009

A pox over my house

Sorry for the not posting.
The first week in march lilly came down with the chicken pox. And of course just 3 days after I got lilly back to school Emily also got them.

Emily was quite sick for a few days.
Overall the month of march was a complete write off around here.
I remember lots of lotion
I remember sleep less nights for us all
I remember seeing pox in places i didnt need to see them. Miss emily had them on her tongue!
I remember stinking baths at 2 am when we couldnt stand the cries because of the itching anymore.

And now, I think we have all healed and recovered enough.
Normal life should resume from now..:)
I have my dare for this month to share too, tomorrow now, havent downloaded the photo yet.


Annie said...

Oh dear! Glad it is all over. My kids all came out in pox on the same day, so it was intense, but over and done with rapidly. Poor you and the girls!! Have wondered where you have been.

Kirsty said...

Oh honey (((hugs))) I have missed you!!!

The Sooky Stackhouse books are GREAT! I am a little in love with Eric myself, dunno how he comes across in the TV show, Bill has a bit of a secret that kind of made me not love him as much;)

Chrissy said...

Must be the time of year hey, I hadn't blogged for 2 months til yesterday! Glad the girls are both recovering from the chooky spots, I remember when Alex got them as a bub they were *everywhere* poor love...
Take care hon
Chrissy x

chanel said...

that is bad ... i remember when my girls had the pox, its awful!
take care ...

Chris Millar said...

Just letting you know that you're missed! :(