Friday, February 27, 2009

corrupt ipod

two words u never want to see after u have spent the better part of the day waiting for i tunes to download the new u2 album that came out today, but u guessed it, plugged in my ipod ready to add the album to my playlist and what message did i get corrupt ipod. WHAT! its not even a month old! after much trying to fix it, it ended up being as simple as pressing two buttons....thankgod!!!!! my trusty little silver nano is on the go again. ps i like the new one,it sort of feels like a mix between their older music and newer music, easy to listen too.

12months on
well this time last year we had just arrived in victoria, had no idea what avoca looked like and were scared stiff about what we were doing.
12 months down the track...part of me wishes we never came and then maybe emily would still be perfect the way she should be, but i know that what happened to us last year could happen to anyone at anytime in anyplace and it cant stop your life. (will i ever purposely seek out a snow get away again...i dont think so)
the first 4 months or so of being down here life was all about looking around and settling in. we went to visit lots of places and vowed to go places and experience all the things we wanted to in our newly adopted state. we started out right. since august we havent really been anywhere. im ok with that we had lots to deal with and a few changes to learn to accept.
for all that went wrong, we're not sad we moved, our lives changed in so many great ways. we see dan so much more than we did in brisbane, we actually have a family life here and many nights a week we even eat dinner together a jones family first (chefs have the worst hours!!), we r in a good financial place right now its nice to have a small morgage and only one car to worry about. i was able to take the opportunity to not work while we have lived down here, a blessing in many ways apart of the obvious (especially after july), i loved being home before lilly went to school it was great to get to know her properly before school and its great now for emily to have her time with me too. its nice..:) and i hope and i think the kids have benefitted from it alot. (i am getting organised to enter vic education system this year, i dont want to lose my skills totally they r so much a part of who i am) the best part of our move is the peace and quiet of a country setting, its fantastic and we r close enough to escape to melbourne for shopping for the day if i want too....:) and we love the weather even in winter..:) we r loving the house we bought and the land that came with it, so much space for all our food trees and veg patch (that copped a flogging in the heat wave...but im on the seedling thing again to get it going again)
overall we r still happy to be here with no plans for changes this year or probably the next.


Chris Millar said...

Hi Jac,
I can't believe it's been a year, although what an eventful year it's been. It's probably the toughest of your whole life and you've come through it so well and so much stronger in many ways. You and Dan should be very proud of what you've achieved and the positive changes you've made for your family. Emily and Lilly are lucky to have such caring, wonderful parents!! Keep thriving!

jacqui jones said...

thanks chris
those words mean alot...:)

daisymum7 said...

Hi Jacqui

congrats on your lifestyle change! I have been so bsy but will send a proper hello email soon


Chris Millar said...

Hey you! When's an update coming along???? Hope you're enjoying the Melbourne Autumn so far!

Debbie said...

Hey there Jacqui

When are we going to get to read your blog again, I miss all the ideas and inspiration I get from you!! Please blog again soon.