Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Week

What did you get up to last week?
ME? Well it seems it was a mixed matched bunch of things.

Emily learned to write her name. How cute is that. She forms all the letters without help, we only told her the order. Now she writes it on everything. Not bad for a just turned four year old.

I love old bus scrolls, but have you ever priced the things. Reproductions are a ridiculous price. so while i loved the look i was unwilling to spend that amount on something that would so easily be placed on a wall and only appreciated once in a while.
until i watched better homes two fridays ago and watched her make one. How easy was that!
IM one for cost cutting and bargins, so the whole thing only cost me a bit of glue, white card and two tubes of paint.
i had the boards sitting in the garage from something else that were actually taking to the tip. a bit of retrival, a double coat of black paint, and using my trusty electrontic cutter all the letters were cut and glued in place. And there you have it, a london bus scroll.

this one a more personal one, all the placed that dan and i have lived during our relationship. the bottom half is blank ready to fill with places to come. It was fun to remember and think back on all these places and we r looking forward to placing some more interesting names on the list.

We filled the cookie jar with choc chip cookies and apple muffins. Needless to say they never last long!

We were kept warm by this. I heart this thing especially as we suffer or enjoy depending on your preference the last surge of winter this past weekend and coming week. We have had hints of spring promise, its coming.
I planted out the green house with seeds for the spring garden in a few weeks. We have an onion crop to look at in a few weeks hopefully. but its been an especially wet winter down here, the wettest in fourteen years. There are now full dams in our district that haven't been full in that long, its kind of amazing really. It also shows us that to much rain is as bad as no rain at all as the walls of dams crack under pressure. Anyway we r not all the confident in our crop because of it. what can you do? :)

We have been toying with the difficult decision on moving these past few months. Since emilys op actually. wondering if living in melbourne would help us cope during those times. but between the both of us we just couldn't get fully on board with the idea. we do love our house and the things a small town provides. Anyway last week dan accepted a new position with a very large pay increase in a town about 50 minutes away. so he is going to communte and we become a two car family again. its an odd feeling to get a car back, i have been without one for so long, but the wet weather makes the school walk largely difficult so the decision was made. Anyone own a suziki alto?? very effecient and lots of saftey features. and a pretty good price as well. we test drive it on monday. but it looks like it will be the winning choice.

this week life is all about lilly turning seven. will share pics of her soon.

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