Friday, August 13, 2010

Organised Chaos.

Almost two years we have lived in this house. Two years without a linen cupboard. Thats a long time! I have had two metal garage shelving units in this perfect spot for a built in cupboard in the hall way to our bathroom with all our linen stacked on it, including our drinking water from the rain tank. Yes our tap water isn't the best to drink. Its the country what can you say.

Anyway, below is what it looked like, well not quite I had started the big move out of this spot so its missing a shelving unit that was relocated to Emilys room, and actually has the cute industral look going on now. I hated this spot. It drove me nuts. But by the time I had people out to make the cupboards and paid travel time etc, it was becoming an expensive problem to fix, so we sat on it and just put up with it. UNTIL!

This! Same space, only fantastic now. Flat back cupboards that installed ourselves, all built in and attached to the wall. And the best bit, just for 300. Our kitchen is white, and just off this hall way and it all matched perfectly. And thankgod too, because I hated the way it was! I even have the perfect spot beside the cupboards where our heated floor switch is for the vaccum cleaner.
We have had a birthday girl this week and what does this little girl want for her, her ears pierced. So off we went on her birthday to have it done. Both ears at the same time, and thank god too, cause i don't think that she would of let us do it a second time.
We had told her it would hurt, she all like ok, i know i'm brave.
she was a little nervous, but it didn't stop us at all.
and lets just say she was shocked when it happened and for a few seconds i didn't think she was going to cry, but oh did she. Sigh, beauty is pain! Anyway, she loves them.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, four, how did that happen??

They somehow make her look so old don't you think? But still so sweet.
Lilly is a no go on the earings, she took one look and went i don't think so. hehe


Debbie said...

Hey there Jacqui! I just discovered that you were back blogging. I have really missed your blog you inspired me in so many ways when you used to blog, I made a vege garden and made my own bread etc. all because of your blog. I'm glad you are back, I hope you are here to stay... Deb Barro

Chrissy said...

She looks so big now Jacqui, it takes my breath away to be honest... love to you guys!

Kirsty said...

I love the new storage!!!
My Natalie refuses to get her ears pierced LOL When I ask her she just looks at me strangely and says "why would I want extra holes?" Whereas Charlotte couldn't wait! Its funny how different kids from the same family are!
Happy birthday miss Em!

joolzmac said...

I have just been reading your August 1st post about Emily and her arm. What actually happened in the first place?
I read that you stayed at Ronald McDonald house while in Melbourne. Funnily enough, I have just this past 5 minutes, made a donation to RMcDHouse as part of my Christmas giving this year.

Best wishes, Joolz