Thursday, June 30, 2011

HOME again

Im a total fail at blog updating these days, but what can ya do :)

You may of noticed a few changes.  We have moved from VIC back to QLD in the last week or so, for me it was actually an easy decision in the end, family vs no family and having your family and friends around wins hands down each and every time.  And so we semi packed up and headed home.  House was placed on the market and we said goodbye to country living and hello to a capital city once more.   I return to work for third term teaching at Caboolture East until end of year where i have then applied for a transfer into a school closer to the childrens hospital to coincide with Emilys start to school and having to have as many appointments as she can outside of school hours and with traffic and everything else to consider it made more sense for us to live and work closer to royal childrens in bris.

The week before we were coming home i had the decision to head back to uni and study a fine arts and visual culture degree.  Am i scared, oh yeah, but i cant wait too  So with that in mind i started art journalling to remember that which i had learnt previously and to just start creating again so its a habit for august when my course starts up again.

heres what i have so far.  Ive seen many journals, and mine is very much a working document, one half i have put aside for experimenting, practise draws, ideas, anything and everything to do with whatever is happening on the pages in this book.
 so my first page was inspired by my decision to go back to uni..:)
curtain university degree completely external for the next three years here i come, eek!!!
 I would like to put this up in one of the girls rooms, or a version of it anyway.  but again inspired by my own personal growth.
 experimenting with masking fluid to paint flowers using watercolours, and the day we made the decision to come home.
 more about coming home.  I saw the map used on blue bazaar and i just couldn't get the idea out of my head, but what can ya do.  so thanks to that person, killer idea, that very much spoke to me at that point.
 my knowledge tree, and the decision to go back to work full time and getting my contract job until my school comes up next year.  it all happened pretty fast.
 Do you have a hero?  i do, Emilys surgeon Christopher Coombs is quite the amazing man, a hero in my eyes in every sense of the word, for without him I don't quite know where emily and her arm would be.
 about being home, seeing family and loving everything about it
 hoping to inspire my students, who have their own hard luck stories to share, i want to bring them a little art in the form of their own journals
 heh, about the weather!! its so beautiful up here right now.  But this is actually a trial run of a painting i hope to do for emilys birthday.  i will share the final product because i have a few changes in store.  There may even b a repeat of it for my niece who turns one very very soon

Took the kids to the surrealism exhibit at GoMA on tuesday and the next few pages are about that influence.  The gallery is fantastic with its childrens activities and we will be back their frequently!!!!

so there you go.  Today i have been playing with gel mediums and texture paste, will share over the next few weeks.


Kirsty said...

Hellooooooooo my friend!!! Welcome back to QLD! Your journal is beautiful :)
If I can pass uni, you can TOTES do it! It'll all be worth it in the end ;)

jacqui jones said...

Thanks kirsty :)

Francine said...

wow its been a long time sind\ce i got back to blogging and an even longer time since ive been to yours....good to c u back in the sunshine state..hows your gorgeous girl going..she sure has love love your book..fantastic...i will e ack...