Friday, January 28, 2011

a crochet rug.

i'd like to tell you this was an easy project, but going around in a circle is so not. its a little lumpy in places, but its flat enough for the floor
here she is with her floor mat in her room! lol, and yes i did sew non slip squares into the back of it. The colours match her wall quilt.
colours are a bit off, her room is far to sunny in the afternoons to get a good true shot of it.
i edges it with an edge Mel goodsell sent me towards on attic 24, one of my fav crocheting blogs. A bobble edge or something like that. its a little lumpy but not so that you will catch your feet on the rug itself.

and heres my next project just started. the perfect to make in summer blanket, cause its only little squares..:) this will be single bed sized when finished. in the distant distant future! lol the pattern is also from Attic 24 so check it out (excuse the pic, took it with the sun and my iphone, was far to lazy to get the big camera out heh)

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joolzmac said...

Hi Jackie

How is that rug going??

Cheers - Joolz