Wednesday, July 05, 2006

paint storage

well during my unpacking i decided that i didnt want to use my wire cubes as paper storage anymore (hated them) and i treated myself to some real paper racks but then i wondered about what to do with my wire cubes...well i have heaps but i did managed to use 2 of the wire bits as storage for my making memories paints...i saw this on an american website...i think it was ck but i cant quite be sure...if u have these cubes and hate them this is a fantastic way to use them and its oh so just need two wire sides, and two or three cotton reels or spacers of some descriptions (i stole my cotton reels from my daughters threading i know i know bad mother lol) tie some ribbon to the back wire slip it throught the cotton reel and then add the front wire and tie in double knots...DONE...i have it hooked up on my wall with those medium 3m removal hooks that you can get at coles...i love this idea as it has gotten my paints up off the floor and away from small hands that so like to put paint everywhere!!


Ruth said...

Pretty sure you would have seen this on Shar's blog! Do you know scrapendipity? She is a friend of mine.

jacquij said...

may just of been...couldnt remember to give credit when i put this up... ;)