Friday, July 14, 2006


well again i have been taken away from updating my blog heheh
im hopeless at this
but i have been working day and night to finish my masters entry...only posted it was due today...had to pay extra so that it would be there by todays close of business...oooops...i no not intend to do that even thou its not due to september i think i might work on my elite team layouts for forkeeps sooner hehehe....i do have a layout to share just needs a title...: )
house is nearly set up...just a few boxes to things getting sorted out and washed as it all gets closer...only just over 6 weeks now!!!


Chrissy said...

Hey Jacqui good luck with the masters and FK ET entries! I've been thinking about it all but not this year, I can hardly keep up with life as it is! LOL I bet your entries are and will be super special! :)

So glad to hear the move went well, gosh 6 weeks, starting to get a bit exciting hey?! :)

Chrissy xx

Ruth said...

Hey, told you I would be checking out your blog. Now I can stay up with baby news! And find out how these entries go. Good luck with it all. Pop by my blog from time to time Thanks for the fun in class today.