Wednesday, July 05, 2006

i have been busy creating in my new house too...havent been able to organise myself to want to scrap in the last few weeks i think because everything was put away...the only things i have done are things that i have had to do but the other night i got these 2 done in record time!!


deb said...

Hi Jacqui,
It's Deb Mullins here (if you can remember me from MESS) which seems like an eternity ago. Found your comment on FOr Keeps and tracked you down here. Been doing a bit of scrapping myself lately and having a lovely time of it all. Just wanted to say hi and will keep in touch - i'm having a go at the everyday comp too so will prob see you around on line.
good luck with bub on the way - how very exciting for you. Hope all has been well and goes well.
best wishes,
deb mullins (martin)
had to make my own blog to send you this message, so there you go, another thing i have to learn now.
chat later

jacquij said...

oh wow deb
how have u been??
come across to my design team shop we are all doing the comp and have some specials on the products etc...and some coming articles about the comp to help keep people inspired. If you want to email me
keep watching this space for baby pics...: )