Saturday, October 07, 2006

we r finally getting the fence

well its taken forever but finally on monday they start building our retaining wall and fence woohoo...gates for the front of the house too...dotn know if i ever shared but quite a few weeks ago now we had our backyard levelled had a rather large (it actually looked small hehe) hill removed from the corner of our took the poor guy a day and a half to do it all and the dirt it just didnt look like that much dirt it was is a pic of it all dug out...its going to make a great yard for the girls

we have also been working onthe front of the house...i now have grass, gardens and finally the deck to my front entry way...only mulch and deck oiling to go and its all done im really happy with the way it all turned out.

and of course i have been scrapping away as usual...i have been working on embellished idol and am crossing my fingers that i make it through to round 3 tomorrow as the challenge sounds great thanks ali u really are taking me outside my usual zone which is just what i was looking soon as i can share my work here i will but if u have time go and check it out

i have also been working on my entry for everyday moments this month and while i didnt think i would be albe to use the onsert i was surprised and i ended up really happy with this

at the moment im right into the scrapbookers approach to card making with all my scraps im getting quite the collectios going which will be great when there are birthdays to deal with int he coming weeks.

hope everyone has a great weekend...i have been blogging but just lurking im afraid... ;)

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